Godfather 2 Now In Development At EA

I am sure you’ll remember (why would you not!) all the way back to Saturday 25th February 2006 when we reported that EA intended to make The Godfather into a series of games, rather than just confining the adventures to just one sole game. Well now, seventeen months gone, EA are once again getting talkative on the series and have confirmed their murmurings from yesteryear to announce Godfather 2 is in fact now in development.

The announcement, if you could all it that, was more a slip of the tongue by EA’s Frank Gibeua when he was talking at a recent shareholders meeting. “The appeal of those types of games is growing as the demographics start to open up for that older demographic. We make products like Godfather 2, Army Of Two, Crysis – a lot of products that appeal to that older customer,” Gibeua commented when questioned.

In our opinion the original was not that bad of a game, although it was not that great either, so lets hope the second efforts heralds a few changes to the formula to truly make it an offer we cannot refuse.