Goblet of Fire Goes Gold

Electronic Arts today announced that Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire has reached gold statues and is off to manufacture. The game was developed by EA Los Angeles for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PC, Game Boy Advance, and DS. A PSP version is scheduled to arrive in stores later in the month.

The Goblet of Fire will follow the storyline of the movie, with Harry being selected as a new competitor in the Triwizard Tournament. Throughout the game, Harry will battle in the Quidditch World Cup, come face-to-face with a dragon, and battle Lord Voldemort.

Characters will look like their silver-screen counterparts, a first for the series. In addition, not only will Harry’s friends Ron and Hermione be playable characters, but up to three gamers can plug in for cooperative play, dispensing spell combinations for even more potent sorcery.