Giveaway – Orcs Must Die! Unchained Beta Keys

DarkZero has teamed up with GameForge and Robot Entertainment to offer readers the chance to jump into the next phase of the closed BETA for Orcs Must Die! Unchained. There’s no doubt that the last entry was brilliant (check that review), so I’ve got hopes that this continues to improve and add more fun elements to the series.

Below is quick details about the next phase of the closed BETA straight from the horse’s mouth.

The latest version of Orcs Must Die! Unchained is here with lots of changes: the new Trait Builder lets you personalise and strengthen individual heroes, enabling you to adapt them to your style of play. On top of this, heroes are also now set as either attackers or defenders, allowing for a clearer tasking within the team. A ‘traditional’ defender character will still be able to wreck havoc on the front lines and attacking heroes will be able to contribute in defence. Heroes now gain experience during battles, which allows them to rise to a maximum level of 8 within a match, opening up a variety of additional enhancements, buffs and skills to choose from.

The base game tempo has been reduced ever so slightly, allowing players to set up their battles in a more tactical manner. The revamped environments bring more than just an improved version of Cliffside Clash: a lot of the improved hero skills are now accompanied by a short animation. This allows for both sides to better react to enemy attacks – dodge or counter – adding additional depth to one on one encounters.

As before, players select various minion cards in the Deck Builder to then send these selections on their destructive paths towards the enemy rift. From now on, teams can choose which war camp to release their hordes from. Over the course of a match an additional slot now opens in the camp, where a powerful boss can be selected from a choice of trolls, ogres and other monsters.

In addition to the already available Cliffside Clash and Highlands maps comes ‘Unchained Fortress’, where players are taken to the home of the namesake orcs. The circular-formed map has a selection of secret paths and passages and demands tactical thinking for success.

We have plenty of codes for all, so all you need to do to get a code is to follow @darkzerouk on Twitter and send a tweet to @darkzerouk saying you would like an Orcs Must Die! Unchained beta key. The competition will remain open until all keys are gone, so  get your tweets in early. Rules are one entry per person.

Once you have a key, you’ll need to register at and enter the code given, then you’re ready to download and play.

Not sure what Orcs Must Die! Unchained is? Then enjoy the video below from one of the developer live stream shows.