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Girl finally reaches Pluto in Noby Noby Boy – and now the sun awaits

Remember Noby Noby Boy – released on February 19 on PS3. That was 6 years, 9 months, 5 days ago – or 2469 days ago at the time of writing. This is also known as a very long time ago. In the game you played as Boy, and collected objects to increase your size, and present it to girl. Boys from all across the world would submit their sizes to Girl, and they would be added together and multiplied to increase her distance. It took a very long time, and some behind the scenes rejiggering of numbers by Namco Bandai, but after all this time Girl has finally reach Pluto

According to a tracker website, Girl has traveled a total of 5760475823421 meters. According to friendly Google, Pluto is in actuality 7.5 billion kilometers from Earth. I am not an expert, but these two numbers probably don’t add up. I am not going to complain, as this should be a happy moment. The site suggests the current players of Noby Noby Boy is a lowly but dedicated group of 51.

Relive the glorious moment…

The game’s lead designer Keita Takahashi recently posted on his blog to inspire players to keep going and help get Girl as far as possible.

[S]he is still heading to the pluto little by little. To say honestly, I have felt regret/sorry about NOBY because of we had to release it by unfinished condition. But Girl is still stretching by some amazing players. This is a great gift to me and also ex-Noby team. Thank you so much.

After reaching Pluto, it was revealed the next port of call for Girl is the sun. This makes no sense to anyone that has looked at a chart of the solar system, but let’s not complain about that either. Noby Noby Boy and other such games with Keita Takahashi at the lead have never made sense. Accept the madness.

Wattam is Takahashi’s next game. It seems to be about holding hands and pooping.