Gioteck launches new version of the Gioteck EX-05s for PS4

Gioteck has launched a new version of the top-selling wired EX-05s headset that is now compatible with PlayStation 4.

Creating an outstanding audio environment for new-gen gaming, the EX-05s guarantees users chat and stereo game sound with the highest level of sound clarity, delivering crisp highs and deep lows. With 40mm drivers to produce sharp treble and booming bass, as well as advanced noise reduction to eliminate any external sound interference, gamers are sure to experience every explosion and gunshot.


Key features:

• Central USB connector which links to the PS4 controller for chat

• Phono-out sound connected directly to TV

• Rich detailed audio delivering the highest sound quality

• Advanced noise reduction

• Sure-fit over-ear enclosures

• Integrated audio controls

• Brushed aluminium detailing on the headband for premium look and feel

• Cabling options with the product means that this headset also works with PS3, Xbox 360 and PC / Mac so the user can play their favourite old-gen games with the same headset

The EX-05s is available from Game and Tesco now for between £24.99 and £39.99. For more information visit