Ghostbusters “not cancelled,” possibly “out to tender”

Ghostbusters will stay put!

It seems many sites have being tossing out emails left, right and center to people in the know this morning trying to find out what the hell happening with all of these supposedly dumped Vivendi games, and Ghostbusters is the one most sites are focusing one.

Firstly, Destructoid got their hands on a member of the PR team regarding Ghostbusters, and they got a quote informing them that Ghostbusters “is not cancelled and will not be cancelled.

Then Videogaming247 also got their hands on someone, who spoke to them under conditions of anonymity. According to this mysterious person (who we’d like to call The Insider) there is still hope for the game.

I wouldn’t use the word ‘canned’ on Ghostbusters if I were you,” comments The Insider. “It’s basically being put out to tender. Considering where it is in development, hopefully someone else will pick it.

The Insider then went onto talk about the other games affects. “I guess that if there are Sierra games that aren’t mentioned in the Activision press release, then they’re part and parcel of the stuff that’s going out to tender, but I don’t know for sure,” he said.