Ghostbusters game may be with Atari now, could be a late 2009 release

Dan Ackroyd, who played Raymond “Ray” Stantz in the Ghostbusters films, has spoken out to say he now believes that Atari are set to publish the game.

All this confusion comes after Activision dropped the title in the aftermath of their merger with Vivendi. Ackroyd also went on to say that the game is likely to be “at least a year away” from release right now, which seems to hint Atari (if they are truly involved) are giving Terminal Reality lots of time to polish the game.

Hopefully the Gatekeeper and Keymaster will come together and sort out this mess sometime soon, as we are getting very confused.

Also, please do not let any thought of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man enter your imagination. as this game has had enough problems already!