German GTA: Chinatown Wars has more warning stickers than boxart

gtacrazyrating_newsPandamator, who recently posted in the official Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars thread on neoGAF, has shown how crazy Germany has got on games that showcase any type of adult themes by posting a photo of his copy of the game.

Not only must 18+ games have the official games rating on them, but judging by Pandamator’s image it seems they need a second warning sticker too.

When this rule is applied to a small DS case, it means almost all the boxart is covered up – so much so you almost cannot see what game it is any more.

Based on our limited time studying German, we think the big circular orange sticker says “not suitable for people under 18 years.” The other diamond shaped warning is the usual rating that appears on all German games. That warning has however increased in size over the years.

We scored Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 10/10 in our recent review. Das ist good!