Geometry Wars Wii And DS Bound

Buttonbasher have got their hands on the latest edition of Nintendo Power and are reporting that Geometry Wars will be making its way to both Wii and DS under the guise of Geometry Wars Galaxies. Nintendo Power reports that the game will evolve from the XBLA version and will have a extensive single player campaign available for gamers to play though instead of just one long never-ending level. Have no fear though as the option to play both versions of the game that are currently available via download from XBLA for 400MP will also be included. The Wii version of the game will of course use the motion control while the DS will use the touch control.

The magazine also reports that Bizarre will have nothing got to do with the new versions of the game, it will instead be developed at Kuju – who are best known for their work on Battalion Wars. It is currently unknown if the Wii version of the game will be made available via download or will it be beefed up enough to deserve a retail/boxed release.