Geometry Wars Back In PGR4

Bizarre Creations have revealed that they will indeed be bringing back Geometry Wars for Project Gotham Racing 4. In fact, they have revealed that this time the retro shooter will be exclusive to the game, and will not go on to appear on the Xbox Live Arcade in the future.

However, it is best not to get too excited about the announcement as Bizarre went onto the say this version of the game will not be brand new, and will be more or less just a reinvention of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, rather than a true update to the game. Also, Pro-G seem to have got Bizarre to reveal the name of the game, Geometry Wars: Waves.

Regardless of what the final product will end up resembling, it will not take to long for us to find out as the PRG4 will launch across Europe on October 12th.