Gears Of War Trilogyness Confirmed?

Yes Trilogyness! You may not find that word in any dictionary (as we just made it up) but it is perfect to explain the current situation GOW has found itself in. In an recent interview with GameDaily about the company’s Xbox 360 promotions this Christmas, Microsoft’s corporate VP of global marketing Jeff Bell (AKA one of the guys who makes those flashy adverts) commented, “The goal of [one particular ad] is to establish Marcus Fenix as the hero of the Gears of War trilogy.” So without any official word from Microsoft it seems as small slip of the tongue has confirmed Marcus will be back once again.

If you need some more confirmation on the matter lead designer Cliff Bleszinski has previously said “I love the universe and everything involved in it and if the game does amazingly well I wouldn’t rule anything out,”

With the game now selling by the bucket load everything points to GOW2 getting a release in the future… but there is still loads of fun to be had with what we now could lable ‘the original.’