Gears of War 2 story and gameplay detailed


The latest issue of Game Informer has got access to the minds behind Gears of War 2 and have revealed new gameplay and story details about the upcoming sequel to the largely successful game from 2006. According to the magazine it seems the overarching story will play a much bigger part this time round, evolving well beyond the “eat shit and die” nature of it’s predecessor.

Brand new characters will be brought in, and new characters that have ties to old favourites will be appearing too. For example Maria Santiago, Dom’s wife will be making an appearance to explore Dom’s back-story, with the search for her seemingly playing a big part in the games narrative. A new superior called Chairman Prescott will be in charge of operations this time round, with the action kicking of as he delivers a speech approximately six months after the explosion that happened during the closing moments of the original.

Interestingly, when you embark after the closing that speech the likes of Cole and Baird will not be part of your team, and you will have new-blood to deal with, but you’ll apparently meet up with those old favourites further down the line. The magazine also mentions Tai Kaliso as one of the more prominent member of your new team, labelling him as a honour-bound warrior. Dizzy, another new character was mentioned too, who’s a hardened truck driving soldier.

In terms of gameplay the magazine gives the impression that battles in GoW2 will be on a much bigger scale than the original, mentioning that everything will be a huge leap forward. The cover/shoot mechanics will not be hugely changed for the new game though, but they will be altered slightly to tidy up any problems people may had the first time round. Active reloads won’t see many changes either, but will see a few updates when used in conjunction with the games new weapons. Boss battles will also make a comeback, but will see many changes to make them feel more epic, with different layers to each fight to keep things interesting. Bosses will also be even bigger and more imposing than before, with Cliff Bleszinski commenting “we have creatures that make the Brumak look like a baby panda bear.

One of the biggest changes mentioned is that the game’s levels will be much more sprawling this time, being less restricted and a lot less linear in nature than the original. The option to pick different routes will be expanded on, offering much more than the simple forks in the road seen in the first game. These choices will apparently have bigger consequences as well, offering different pro’s and cons, along with tactical choices depending on which direction you choose. New vehicles will make an appearance too, with one revealed in the mag called the COG Centaur Tank – which is part monster truck, part tank, and part amazing!

Technical issues were also mentioned, with loading screens masked in a much cleverer way. Interactive cutscenes will be used instead of forcing your character to walk through sections when the game loads in the background. Drop in and drop out co-op was also mentioned, although the amount of players was not. Interestingly, the option to let different players play on different difficulty settings while in co-op was talked about too, as was the option for a new easier difficulty to let players brand new to the genre have a go without getting too annoyed.

Regretfully, multiplayer was not given a mention at all, and we are apparently asked to wait for another issue to get that info.