Gears of War 2 Nov 16th hints Voice of Cole Train


Emergence Day – The day that the original Gears of War hit store shelves across Europe, going on to sell over 4.7 million copies worldwide. Back in 2006, this day fell on November 17th, and it seems Emergence Day Mk 2 may be almost exactly two years later.

The intimation of this date came at the Wizard World convention, which was attended by a certain Lester ‘Mighty Rasta’ Speight.
You may know Mighty better as the booming voice of C.O.G. soldier Augustus Cole, a.k.a. ‘The Cole Train’. The former American football player was attending the Wizard Con for a Q&A regarding forthcoming life-size Gears of War armour and weapon replicas.

When one of the questions from the crowd concerned the release date of the sequel to Epic’s blockbuster 360 title, Mighty would not give a direct answer but suggested that question be posed to him again on November 16th.

While it’s best to take release dates slips like this with a pinch of salt, this certainly fits in with the expected release window for Gears 2, so DarkZero files this one under ‘quite possibly’.

In related news Microsoft has just confirmed that the original Gears of War is getting a two-disc re-release, containing both previously released multiplayer map packs along with the Annex game mode and the extra achievements enabling players to earn up to 1250 gamerscore. The second disc will also provide a taster of Gears 2 through trailers and exclusive themes and gamerpics.

Sadly, this re-issue has only so far been confirmed for U.S. and Canada.