GDC wrap up: Nintendo

As expected, the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube were not touched on except for few comments and the trailer for the next chapter in The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo unveiled some juicy details on the Revolution.
-Major partners are IBM and ATi for the CPU and GPU respectively. Each is codenamed ‘Broadway’ and ‘Hollywood’.
-It will feature, for the first time in Nintendo’s console history, backwards compatibility.
-It will feature Wi Fi out of the box, with Nintendo intent on offering a free connection service for gamers.
-It will launch with the PlayStation3
-There will be third party support.
-It will utilise/be compatible with new entertainment mediums, described by Iwata himself as ‘planets’.
-The Revolution will be easy to develop for in the sense that the GameCube was, less work on the code, more work on the ideas.

Along with this, Nintendo has reassured that The Legend of Zelda will launch this year for Nintendo’s GameCube.