GBMicro Sells 148,000 Units In 6 Days

According to Dengeki Online, Nintendo’s brand new Game Boy Micro sold 148,000 in the week from September 12 to 18 which is a period of just six days. They also report that 55% of the initial shipment was sold during this period and 40% of the Micro’s sold were the Famicom style. Adding together these results will tell you that 59,200 Famicom-themed Game Boy Micro systems left store shelves which means loads of Japanese Nintendo fans are feeling a bit nostalgic. The initial 2003 GBAsp launch in Japan shifted only 110,000 which means this re-release of a re-release has shifted significantly more units. Nintendo launched the Micro with a reprint of Famicom Mini Super Mario Brothers, Dr. Mario + Panel de Pon and Mario Tennis Advance.

Source Dengeki Online