Gary Gygax Creator Of Dungeons & Dragons Dies

Gary Gygax, one half of the pioneering minds behind Dungeons & Dragons, which he co-created alongside Dave Arneson has died aged 69. Gygax had already been in poor health, and had suffered multiple strokes and a near-heart attack before his death. Without him RPGs like Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate could have never existed, so his death will be seen as a great loss to any fans of the genre, and to the whole gaming community.

While he will be mostly remembered for D&D he also worked on countless other projects, wrote for numerous publications, all of which are too large in number to even begin to list. Gygax’s passing was originally reported via a post on the discussion boards at Troll Lord Games, his current publisher.

Goodbye to the father of role-playing games.