New Area Coming In Burnout Paradise DLC

Over on Criterion’s official site it has been revealed that Burnout DLC will actually be a bit more impressive than most expected, and instead of adding just a few cars to the game they will be unlocking a new area to drive to as well. However, the site does not specially state the new island/area will be part of the DLC, but anyone that has spent some time in Paradise city will know that the left turn made in the first video is not something that you can do in the retail version of the game, which means something interesting should be coming our way soon The new car – The Dust Storm – which is also shown the video will also be released as DLC some time in the future as well.

Update: Alex Ward has confirmed on the games official forums that this will be the first in a series of DLC updates adding to the game which will not only add new area’s to drive in, but also new gameplay types to keep things interesting.