Gaming Could Lead To Future Backpain

In a study that is making us struggle to not use the headline The Hunchback Of Notre Game, Duncan Reid, a spokesperson for the New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapists Association, has commented that he believes many gamers, specially those that partake in long gaming sessions, could stand a greater risk of developing chronic back pain further down the line.

This seems on the cards considering the associated health problems of obesity, reduced levels of activity, and the popularity of passive entertainment systems such as PlayStations that encourage further inactivity and prolonged sitting posture in the adolescent age group,” commented Reid.

Of course, if after reading this you were planning on giving up gaming due to Reid’s wise words, then you might be interested to hear that later on, in the same study, he proclaimed that those doing too much activity were equally prone to back problems as well.

I am scared now, I think I am going to stand very still for a while.