Games on demand gets a double dose of racing games


Microsoft’s Games on Demand service, which allows you to download full 360 games at outrageous prices, has been updated again. The two new games available are both high-adrenaline racing titles.

Burnout Revenge was released on the Xbox 360 only a couple of months after the console itself back in March 2006, and got a whopping review score of 9.6 from us, meaning it is one of the BEST GAMES EVER.

Need For Speed: ProStreet however is less than two years old, having been released in November 2007. It fared less well critically however, only getting a 6/10 in DarkZero’s review. Hopefully the release of Need for Speed: Shift on 18th September can revitalise the franchise.

Of course, if you’re too lazy to shop online or go into a store, it’ll cost you £19.99 to purchase and download either of these.