Games for Windows magazine closed


Ziff Davis just announced that Games for Windows: The Official Magazine (a magazine probably not familar to most UK readers) will no longer exist in print form, and will be moving most of its writing staff online to scribe for

The magazine’s art team will however be moving to pastures new, which is a pity. Ziff have announced that current subscribers will be able to transfer their subscriptions to Electronic Gaming Monthly or PC Mag should they feel the need to.

The magazine had run for almost 27 years, after first starting out back in 1981 as Computer Gaming World, the GFW rebranding came in late 2006.

If you interested the four main guys at the heart of the magazine have recorded their thought in the latest episode on the GFW podcast, where they make comments about the scraping of the magazine, and recent restructuring of the content to compete with online material. They also have funny stories about their time running the mag, and about the gaming industry in general, so it certainly is worth a listen.