Gamers will die young says UK government

gamesdieyour_newsMCV report that the UK government have put together a new print advertising campaign, which is set to appear in many womens’ weekly mags – such as Star, Reveal and Heat – in the coming weeks.

The British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Cancer Research are apparently all behind the message the advert sends out, which is part of the recent Change4Life TV campaign.

The advert shows a rather unhappy child sitting on the sofa ‘playing’ a PlayStation 3. To accompany the image, there are words that imply such actions will result in an increased risk of contracting heart disease and dying at a young age.

Of course, the advert really just means you should always try and keep active, and exercise – which is of course the correct message to send out –  but the way they presented it here could not be more idiotic and scapegoating in nature if it tried.

I supposed I should be happy I got through writing this item before I kicked the bucket.