Extra Life 2012 Header

Gamers encouraged to raise money for charity this weekend with Extra Life

Long before gaming culture becoming as inclusive as it is now, those deeply immersed in it have been known to band together in support of their oft-attacked hobby. This weekend (and even leading up to it) will see a similar display of individuals coming together for a common goal – that of raising money for local hospitals as part of Extra Life.

In association with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, participants are encouraged to gather sponsorships from family and friends to play games of all varieties – board games too! – for 24 hours, all to support, nay “heal” local children. It all goes down this Saturday beginning at 8:00 A.M – that’s less than two days away!

It’s not too late to get involved, however. Consider signing up and taking part in the festivities, or donating to lend support to those who are participating in this commendable cause. (To that end, here’s my personal fundraising page!)