Gamerpoints: Not Your Problem Anymore has launched! What is it I here you ask… well simply put it’s a site for people that love gamerpoints and have more money than sense! Brought to you by the same people that who’ve been farming gold in World of Warcraft and selling it on Levelmy360 gives crazed gamers the option to pay unknown people to get gamerpoints for you because you cant be bothered to play games and get gamerpoints yourself.

For JUST $39.99 they will get you 500 more gamerpoints, or if you just got your paycheck and are feeling three fries short of a happy meal you can pay them JUST $299.99 and they will play games to get you an extra 3000. Once you pay your money you then give temporary control of your account to the site’s operators and let them go to work. Don’t forget your credit card details will be on the account you give to them as well, oh yay!

Oh, and one more thing… wouldn’t it be better value to buy 6 batches of 500 points rahter than 3000 all in one go? Wait! Value? What am I talking about?