Steamworld Dig

SteamWorld Dig Switch Review

Steamworld Dig follows the story of Rusty a robot miner who has inherited a mine and now spends his timing digging around underground throwing sticks of dynamite at enemies and finding valuables gems to sell on for a profit. The townsfolk are depending on you to mine and bring some life back to the desert town in the middle of nowhere.

The core gameplay feels very microtransaction like with the way you purchase minor upgrades that you are unsure how or what they do to benefit you but you are driven by one goal and that is to buy more upgrades. The gameplay is addictive and you’ll find yourself losing time as you dig around in the darkness, every now and then being forced back to the surface like some kind of mole.

Gameplay is super simple, dig new tunnels and remember you need to get back out, with a slight emphasis on resource management. This becomes a little easier later on as you unlock ladders, teleporters and gain access to some strange transportation pipes. Digging around and killing enemies gives you the resources in this case fuel, water and health, that  you need to survive and on the way pick up large gems that you sell back on the surface for gold that enables you to upgrade yourself. Being a robot the upgrades are applied directly to Rusty. I do have to say other than the upgrades you find, the ones you buy I never really found they made too much difference, maybe I was caught up in buying more of them and wasn’t paying enough attention.

As you dig further down it’s start to get more challenging as the enemies begin to fight back and you find rooms of puzzles that you have to complete in order to get the next major upgrade. It doesn’t get too punishing which again helps, you never become frustrated and just end up having a really good time playing the game.

Art style wise the game is perfect and matches the gameplay well as your fuel for light gradually diminishes the surroundings get gradually darker and darker making it harder to navigate and not fall down holes. The town and other robots inhabiting this harsh desert wilderness lay the charm on from the start making it a game that is very approachable for all ages.

Controls are very easy to get to grips with but the game never really talks you through what buttons do what, so you have to find that out on your own. A perfect game for commuting or for a quick five minutes as the game stops when you stop meaning there isn’t really a chance of getting snuck up on by something nasty and pace goes with you.

Overall the story never really grabbed me and seems underdeveloped but it’s a not a story driven game, it’s a game driven by gold and exploration. This game is a great port and one I would recommend any switch owner pick up as it’s fun to play. The great things is Steamworld Dig 2 is already on Switch so you can go pick that one up straight after you finished the first one.

7 out of 10