Splinter Cell Xbox Review

Here’s the situation, take out the lights, switch on the night goggles, sneak up on a unsuspecting guard and pop him a bullet, quickly hide his body before his fellow guards find him and you and that’s Splinter Cell. Now before you utter the words “Metal Gear Solid” this game is and isn’t Metal Gear Solid, but it is also so much more than Metal Gear Solid.

You are Sam Fisher an ex-CIA, ex-Navy SEAL who is recruited by the National Security Agency. Sam is part of a branch of the NSA called the Third Echelon who grants high trained members Fifth Freedom, to do what ever it takes to protect the American Values of Speech, freedom of worship, want, and from fear. Sam is sent in to kill and obtain secret information from various countries without an official government approval. Controls are simple and easy to get to grips but the list is endless apart from learning that running is not always the answer and you are likely to be seen and killed.

The plot twists, turns, and shocks you as you dive further in to the world of espionage through countries ranging from Georgia to China. Sam is the main man for the missions as he can turn himself in to a ghost’s shadow, or in other words disappear into nothing. Missions are presented in the world of 24-hour media and radio networks like in the Tom Clancy books. The news broadcasts show the outside info on the situations and a vague idea of what is going on and who is involved.

Stealth plays the biggest part in the game as it can test your senses to the full. Your lips dry out and your bladder soon fills up as you sneak up on a guard. This is painfully slow and testing. The lack of weapons ammunition will make you think about killing. Do you fill a general full of hot lead or stealth up on him, grab him and knock him out with out wasting a single bullet? This game will test you’re ability to use resources wisely.

Enemies are very aware of the environment around them and can find you if you make a wrong step. Enemies do not stray away if they hear or see anything. But you are helped if you are spotted by the sudden change in the music to a quicker bass sound. As well as enemies, be very aware of cameras because if you are spotted by one it will untimely end your mission. Your enemies have no chance against your “wrestling hold”, by grapping them by the neck and placing a gun to their little temple on the side of their head. After this you have a number of options, you can knock him out, interrogate them, force them to use something like the retinal scanner, or the best option use them as a human shield and watch his allies shoot away and then try and negotiate with you. Interrogation will give you the feeling of success and you will feel very rewarded and wanting to do it again which results in you playing more.

At first glance the graphics seem very PC like, but if you look even closer you realize that Ubi Soft have put a lot of time and effort into them. The lighting effects will amaze you and you will realize the capabilities and power of the Xbox. Lighting behaves like real life, shining through trees and fences changing with the direction of the wind, creating unbelievable shadows; it’s all very impressive. The character models are fantastic and are detailed down to the wristwatches of guards. The surrounding areas are some of the best ever see in a video game. Although Splinter Cell suffers from clipping like your arm passing through a door as you peer round the corner and an occasional drop in framerate. But you should not be deterred by these minor problems.

Splinter Cell in my opinion has the best game sounds ever to grace the video game world. Voice acting is outstanding especially Sam’s voice who is the voice of Michel Ironsides who has the perfect tone, a low grizzly type of voice. Characters show their emotion through their voices and will make you believe that they are in the room with you. But it’s not all serious you will here the odd funny conversation. The phrase that fits the sound is “Watch with you’re ears and not with your eyes.”

Last Words

I urge you to buy Splinter Cell but don’t expect Fun. Expect the worst but I guarantee you will enjoy every moment of it. This game is every thing a young boys dream is made of, Espionage, Guns and stealth. This game has raised the bar of stealth games and surpassed MGS, expect it to be copied in every way because it is a revolution. Just buy this game now and prepare from an experience you will never forget.


The bar has been raised once again by Ubi Soft with the best lighting effects ever on a game. Revolutionary.

The greatest stealth-action moments ever mixed with secret agent stuff much cooler and amazing than MGS.

The strongest point of the game, with excellent voice acting and music to panic you beyond breaking point, all in 5:1 Surround Sound.

It’s only one-player, but it can take along time as you stealth your way through the nine levels. Patience is a virtue.

9 out of 10