Mechassault Xbox Review

MechAssault is an amazing game; my devotion to this game has caused me to start up an online clan via Xbox live. This game doesn’t really revolutionize any genres in gaming but its fun and thrilling from start to end. The game has over 15 Mechs (giant manned robots), which you will pilot as you blast your way through 20 explosive missions packed full with more than basic blasting.

The mechs you get to play as range from the mighty atlas weighing in at 100 tones to the puny man sized elemental each with its own pros and cons. A lot of thought has gone into the level design and missions, I am currently playing my way through a level that has you infiltrating an enemy base disguised as an enemy mech in order to steal plans for orbital guns. I wont go into any more detail, as it would spoil this unique and fun experience. The control system is very simple and if you have played halo you will have no problem. The left trigger is to switch weapon, right trigger to fire, and the 2 thumb sticks click in for defensive moves, that’s all the buttons you need. You will be blasting away at an array of enemies from tanks to gun boats to helicopters none posing a real threat to your mech unless in number which more than often they are. The action really heats up though when you encounter another mech as it take more than a couple of shots to take down with amazing AI the enemy will get the upper hand on you more times than you expect.

This is one of the first games to utilize Xbox Live, the online service for Xbox. You can download new multiplayer maps, new mechs and game types along with online death matches of course this will add longevity to this game. It will be great fun playing a match online with a robots voice via the Xbox communicator.

This game is fun any the time people say you will get tired of this game; it’s because they haven’t played it. I play this game all the time be it just for a quick death match or to proceed in the main campaign. MechAssault is the console edition to the popular MechWarrior, which is on its 4th game. MechAssault does not have the RPG and customization of MechWarrior but makes up for it by being faster paced with a more arcade style of play accessible to all ages. On a score out of 100 I would give mech assault 92 it can lack in some parts when you find yourself endlessly shooting at inferior targets. I recommend this game to all ages and although the language and gore can get quite strong in some parts it’s a universally fun game perfect for a hardcore gamer or someone who wants to take their stress out on something after work.


Amazing graphics especially the snow levels. Amazing reflection and refraction.

Arcade style fast paced and frantic at times.

Great atmospheric music. When you encounter another mech the music becomes fast paced and energetic.

This game will never leave you bored, its part of human Nature we have to take stress out on something, this game was created for that purpose. If everyone owned MechAssault there would be world peace.

A great arcade blaster with a rich history of games that will surely continue.

9 out of 10