Halo Xbox Review

A game that is thought as of one of the best if not the best first person shooters ever. The game that has sold the X-Box more than any other. Possibly one of my favourite games ever, the game I spent 2 hours plus in game playing because until my X-Box broke, until I am ushered along by the staff members. This is the thrilling and seminal HALO COMBAT EVOLVED.


Once I spent 10 minutes observing the grass in Halo. It’s so realistic it’s amazing, it’s as if you can reach out and pull strands from the earth.

The textures on this game are some of the best I have seen on any game before. And the attention to detail is superb. For example the menu on the front of the closed canteen, during the first level which just adds to the over all realism and ambience of the game.
Also Halo has to deal with large numbers of men on screen as the hordes of aliens come storming towards you. And the game suffers no frame rate or slow-down issues.

Everything is shiny and pixel perfect, vast landscapes and lush scenery this really is a great game for the X-Box to open its graphical portfolio on. It’s amazing how they push the X-Box so far with it being a launch date release. And it is still one of X-Box’s best looking titles.


If you’re a fan of first person shooters, prepare to be sucked in by Halo’s greatness. If you’re not prepared to be changed into one. This really is that good that it can turn a despiser of the genre into a lover of the genre.

The gameplay is so fluid and responsive and it works so well with the X-Box controller. It just feels although the gun in Chief’s hand is an extension of your very own arm. And it feels so very natural.

There are a few types of enemy of which you will be hopefully be mincing up with you vast array of weapons. Here are 2 descriptions.

These are the cowards of the covenant alien group. They will approach with others but run away when confronted on there own and hide, until they muster the courage to confront you again. Simply dispose of these with whatever weapon you happen to have to hand.

These have a whole different tactic method. These have shields like you so they will most likely not be afraid to confront you in a toe-to-toe attack. But once there armour is broken, they will become violent and attack you with some type of running melee attack. The best way to dispose of these is using the butt of your rifle to cave their face in with. This is one of the hidden joys of halo.
Halo has a lot of vehicles to take for a spin. Most armed with devastating weapons, take the bellow for an example.

The vehicles in halo at first can seem very hard to handle. But after a mess around you’ll soon develop the knack for it. Vehicles aren’t just an optional extra you’ll have to master them to progress in the game. This is fun but sometimes tedious. At times Halo feels like a portion of all the greatest moments in the last year of PC first person shooters mangled into one great product.

Not only is the single player good but also the multiplayer follows trend. There’s of course the normal deathmatch. But this being Halo there are other things like racing across land in buggies firing at each other, among other things you can discover. You can also connect 4 X-Boxes together if you don’t want the split screen annoyances.

Bad points:

The only bad point I can pick out is the level design later in the game when it gets a tad repetitive, and you find yourself playing the same level you just played but only backwards to get out. Also some my find the story rather complicated and twisting. But Bar these Halo doesn’t really have many bad points.


The sound fits in very well with the game. With beautiful voice acting for a change and intriguing music, which is appropriate for the setting. You can also here your footsteps as they clash in your heavy boots against the ground.

Every gun has a totally new sound from the last gun. You can hear the aliens moan as they die, and your squad congratulate you as you make a great shot or get shouted at if you get greedy and kill all the men leaving none for them to shoot.

You hear the gas spraying from the near by pipes and the water rushing down the waterfall. The life-like noise of the vehicles as they approach. And if you have 5.1-surround sound be prepared to be totally immersed in the world of HALO.


There are 4 different difficulties on halo they range from easy to legendary this adds replay value to the game. Plus on top of this there is the multiplayer, I wouldn’t say it’s got an endless replay but I think you’ll be coming back to this for some time. To complete all levels of difficulty just basically come on for a mess about when you’re bored.


Such a mature game to say it was brought out so premature in the X-Box’s life. It’s got looks, gameplay and sound, making it a complete package. A game I class as one of the best and I’m sure a lot of you will too. You need this game, and if you don’t want to splash out on a X-Box wait a few months for the PC version, which promises to be just as, if not more, impressive than this version. I recommend everyone to get this seminal gaming master peace.

9 out of 10