GelTabz Xbox 360 Review

In the middle of a marathon game session, playing with a “stock” controller simply isn’t good enough – you need to customize with GelTabz. Made of a hybrid silicone that is engineered for performance, GelTabz is an easily applied grip for your analogue stick that lets you step up your game.

Ease of installation/removal

Upon opening the envelope sent from the chaps over at Sandbox Strategies. I am greeted with two little weird circular rubber items, these go over the nubs on the analogue sticks application of the items is easy and quick you just flip them inside out and place over the sticks and release… there you go; you’re away. Removal is achieved very easily, all you have to do is just pull them off with no problems whatsoever. The Tabz are tiny, little more than the size of the nub on your analogue already so you can pop them in your pocket or jacket etc. and take them to your friends to use on their controller.


Once applied the GelTabz feel very soft on the hands, with little tiny bumps on the ‘Tabz’ they provide excellent grip and help out especially during marathon gaming sessions. I have played games of Perfect Dark Zero online and my hands have felt clammy at times and my fingers can slip off the sticks, this problem is more inherent in the PS2 analogue sticks but still happen on the original Xbox and now the Xbox360 controller. The ‘Tabz’ really help out in moments like this, Similar to some kind of gaming joystick ‘thimble’ I feel the increased grip on the sticks and it actually does add to the comfort when playing games that require quick reactions and increased control. Playing many first person shooters ranging from Quake IV, Call of Duty 2, Perfect Dark Zero and Condemned to driving games such as Project Gotham Racing 3 and Need for Speed Underground, I have honestly felt the benefit of the items especially when it comes to increased confidence in your control of games without the sweaty palms, this is a godsend when, since the N64 came out, I have battled with the dreaded ‘sweaty-palm syndrome’


I will get straight to the point here, although coming in a variety of colours, so far this seems console specified ranging from blue on the PS2 to the illuminous yellow on the 360 (for the cool called ‘Zellow’). The ‘Tabz’ themselves won’t win any awards for style, with the big ‘Z’ emblazoned on the middle of the ‘Tabz’ they resemble some kind of cough sweet in appearance (Strepsils anyone?). But what they lack in style they make up for in substance.

Value for money

Weighing in at $5.99 or make that around £3.50 depending on conversion rate not including delivery. They work out at very good value and are made very durable; I can see them lasting a fair while under intense usage.


You have now read the review, I have been testing this product over the Christmas period and I am actually happy to say I really am pleased with the ‘Tabz’, I normally spend quite a fair amount of time on the Xbox 360 and when I indulge in a spot of online warfare I do tend to get the sweaty palms. The ‘Tabz’ increase the grip and decrease the chance of sweaty palms ruining your game at that ‘pivotal moment’.

They are well worth the price they retail for, I am more than happy with the ‘Tabz’ and can only recommend them to avid gamers who suffer the same as me. Some of you will not like the look of them or won’t want to stick these on your pads regardless of how good they are and how they benefit, but for the gamer looking to increase grip and comfort these actually do help out. Me, I am not so much of a vain person and now have these stuck on all my Xbox pads.

8 out of 10