Devil May Cry 2 PS2 Review

The original Devil May Cry was an excellent, and groundbreaking game. Devil May Cry 2 is a game based around Dante (a half-human half-demon character) and Lucia (a devil-slayer). Although DMC2 has been given a lot of bad press, let’s see how it shapes up.


The characters are superbly done. Every whisp of hair can be seen and coats flap in the wind. The environments are not so good. It seems that Capcom spent more time on the characters than on the environments and this can make the game seem dull at times.


The game is set on two discs (one for Dante, one for Lucia). They are both trying to achieve the same goals so their storylines run parallel to each other and they intertwine at some points. Perhaps the coolest thing about this game is the ability to switch seamlessly from your guns to your sword. You could be fighting a demon at one point, slash him high into the air and then pummel him with a few rounds of bullets. Beautiful stuff. Also, if you need to get away from an enemy quickly, why not backflip to the nearest wall, run sideways across it and hit the little demon with a few shotgun blasts as you jump off? Devil trigger is where your character mystically transforms into a devil/angel version of themselves. All your attributes are enhanced like this and you can even fly! It all makes for a thoroughly enjoyable gameplay experience. The one big loss from this game is the loss of the cramped,claustrophobic rooms of the first DMC. Sometimes, when you’re in the open air, the camera zooms out to an annoying level where you cannot see your exceedingly cool moves being performed. The weirdest thing about DMC2 is that when you complete the game, you earn a costume made by Diesel, a fashion company! As you complete the game, more and more secrets and difficulty levels are unlocked and this makes the experience even more enjoyable.


The sound normally is a deep mournful tune which suits the atmosphere of the game perfectly. As soon as you get into battle it changes to a heavy metal tune which is very cool and suits the fighting in the game! Slashes and gun blasts come across perfectly! The sound of demons shrieking can get annoying though.


Despite the loss of some very nice features from the first game this game more than makes up for it with new additions! A good game all round!

8 out of 10