Black Ops Revolution Zombies 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Revolution Map Pack DLC

The Revolution DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the first major downloadable content that Treyarch have released for the widely popular game.  Probably the most anticipated additions to the game are a Zombies map and a new Zombies game mode to go along with it. This is the first time that a new game mode has been added to Zombies and is sure to be one of the most important aspects of the pack for many players. Another first for Call of Duty is that a new gun has been added for multiplayer gaming. Along with all of these breakthroughs for the game, Treyarch have also added four more multiplayer maps.

The first of these maps is called Hydro. Set in Pakistan, this map is based around a large hydro-electric dam facility. This close ranged map is likely to result in an extremely fast-paced experience that is made even more deadly by the major twist that all players will need to know. During a game the dam can flood and water will surge through the centre of the map killing anyone in its path. Knowing how to avoid this sudden flow of water will be crucial to winning the game.

hydro 2

Grind is a map based around a skate park in Venice, California. Unlike other Call of Duty multiplayer maps, because the map consists of skate ramps and half pipes, every edge is curved in some way. This means it will be incredibly hard to find a completely protected area which will help to drive out all of those campers that we love to hate into more open spaces.

grind 2

The third map, Downhill, has been described as a snowy alpine chateau perfect for hectic close quarters combat.  This is set out quite like Hydro, players will generally find themselves in close combat situations, but there are also a few key vantage points that will definitely be the basis that players fight for during the game. Also, there is a gondola travelling through the middle of the map that can be used for temporary cover. However, if a player stays there for too long, another gondola will come around and kill you instantly.

downhil 2

The final map is Mirage, it is set in China’s Gobi Desert. I thought this map was quite reminiscent of Castle, back in the days of World at War, but this is not necessarily bad as personally it was probably one of my favourite maps to play. Mirage will account for a mixture of gaming styles because of the varying terrain. It looks as though it will have very open areas but also some more close quarter areas. This means that it could be perhaps the most evenly based map included in this pack.

mirage 2

Die Rise is the new Zombies map that has been added to the game. It is based in a collapsing skyscraper in the Far East that includes both open areas and narrow, claustrophobic corridors. Players are likely to lose themselves in the maze that these corridors create, one wrong turn and players will find themselves hurtling down an open elevator shaft to their death. This definitely promises to be an exciting addition to the game in this pack.


For the very first time, a new game mode has been added to zombies in this pack. Turned is, for me, perhaps the most important and intriguing part of this map pack. Ever since I first played zombies in World at War, I was desperate to play as a zombie instead of defending myself against them and finally this has been made possible. The basic idea of the game mode is that there is one player who is a sole survivor and the rest of the players are zombies. During the game the survivor has to last as long as he can against the zombies. However, whatever player eventually kills the survivor becomes the survivor instead and begins to score points for themselves by surviving.

peacekeeperFinally, and another first for the game, a new gun has been added in the pack. The Peacekeeper is a sub-machine gun officially, but can probably be classed more as a mixture between a sub-machine gun and an assault rifle. This balance in the weapon is likely to make it very popular with players and it could become one of the most used weapons in the game.

Currently the map pack is exclusive to Xbox 360 users for $15/£10. Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation as to when the pack will be released for the PC, the PlayStation 3 and the Wii U. However, it is certain that with all the new content being added to the game in this pack, Xbox users will definitely be having bragging rights over the other consoles while the rest of us wait.

8 out of 10