BurgerTime World Tour Xbox 360 Review

Are you hungry? How about some giant hamburgers? Do giant hamburgers that have had every part of them stepped on and dropped on the floor appeal to your tastes? How about encountering angered mutated food? If the aforementioned appeals to you, you’ll love BurgerTime World Tour.

Being an older gamer, I love retro titles and this title is one that definitely doesn’t stray from the formula that made the original BurgerTime a huge quarter dump. You assume the role of burger chef extraordinaire Peter Pepper (among others) in this classic re-imagined vision of BurgerTime. In order to succeed, you’ll need to put burgers together in the fastest time possible while avoiding various obstacles. The faster you make the burgers, the higher your score will be. Enemies such as an egg, a pickle, or even a nefarious hot dog will all prove to be a hitch in your plans.

Frustration levels were starting to rise after I passed a few levels and the game added more enemies to encounter. For instance, Sonny the Egg will charge you as soon as he spots you or Ruthless Dill the Pickle will jump as you jump, blocking your way. After about 2 hours of playtime I was thinking of throwing in another game because the irriationwas getting to be too much. Don’t get me wrong, this game is fun at first but the fun quickly dies out as the levels progress. This is definitely one title that I would only recommend to those just interested in nostalgia. Burgertime World Tour was definitely fun the first few times I played it but after a while it left me wondering what else would be more fun than putting burgers together.

Burgertime World Tour is not a very bad game but it is really only for you if you’re in for the nostalgia of having been able to play the original Burgertime in arcades or even on an NES at home. I personally am a huge fan when it comes to games being re-released that I remember loving as a kid but this game fell short of my expectations.

6 out of 10