GAME Forced To Cancel PS3 Midnight Launch

Following advice from the Metropolitan Police the GAME store situated in Oxford Street has cancelled its midnight opening for this Fridays PS3 launch. Until now the store planned to open up on the stroke of midnight late Thursday night and sell the long awaited consoles to impatient gamers. The Metropolitan Police have cited many reason they fought to have the store closed but the main reason was to put the “customers’ safety first.” They also strongly stressed that they wanted gamers to have access to public transport to safely take their high-value consoles home in daylight. To make up for this setback the first 150 gamers to have pre-ordered the PS3 at the store are now invited to attend at 7am, where they will be greeted with bacon butties, pastries and coffee. They will also have the chance to claim Sony goodie bags – if they don’t lose their minds with a high intake of sugar and caffine

The launch of the PS3 is a big deal to our customers,” said GAME’s marketing director Anna Macario. “We are managing the launch so it is safe for them, and the only thing they have to concentrate on is securing their new console.

A Virgin Megastore on the same street will however remain open at midnight and hosted the official launch event.