Game Boy Advance: A Revolutionary Controller

An update to US patent 6,908,388 on June 21st has some rather interesting, if not vague details about the impending disign and structure of the new (Revolution) controller that Nintendo is working on. An extract reads as follows

A game system displaying a three-dimensional game space on a display includes a housing held by a player, a tilt sensor provided on the housing, a viewpoint coordinates determination mechanism for determining viewpoint coordinates in accordance with an output value of the tilt sensor, and a game image generation processing mechanism for generating a game image based on the viewpoint coordinates determined by the viewpoint coordinates determination mechanism. The game system allows the player to feel as if the three-dimensional game space is tilted in accordance with a tilt of a game device, etc., with a minimal processing burden.

The entire patent description, which can be found [link=http//]here[/link] goes on to describe how motion sensor controllers might work and how a movement in the z axis is not currently possible on conventional consoles and the said new motion sensing technology. (The z axis is what provides depth, and until the days of the Saturn, PlayStation and Nintendo 64, home consoles did not feature this depth. The traditional x and y axis provide bredth and height respectively.) In other words, the z axis is the third dimension.

What is apparently interesting, however, is that in the illustrations, the Revolution console is not used, but rather, the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance are used as the console and controller respectively.

The GBA used as a supplemental game screen and/or controller
The GBA interacting with a “3D game space”
The GCN is used as an example in reference to the text
The “3D field, in relation to a display adaptor/monitor

Now of course, this may have nothing to do with the Revolution at all, and could potentially be related the GameCube, as illustrated. Perhaps it is the “mysterious” add on device that was insisted by Nintendo to lengthen the life of the console.

It must also be noted that further pictures at the US patent site show the GBA and a cartridge, with references made to gyroscopic sensors. The Game Boy Advance has the capacity to be anything really, with it used as a controller on the GameCube, and the GameCube contains the ability to tell the GBA to display anything. The Revolution could very well do the same. Nintendo stated that all Revolution controllers would be wireless. Maybe the resulting controller will be a Game Boy Advance, decked out with a motion sensing game pak and using the wireless adapter to interface with the Revolution. Nintendo has told us to expect the unexpected, and this I assume would be the least expected of all theories.