Year of the Bunny 2023 – Yuzu & Mandarin Sneak Taste Test

Guess who’s back, back again, Sneak is back, with a new flavour to celebrate the Year of the Bunny, which is the current Chinese zodiac for 2023. A perfect time, as any, for a company that has a stylised bunny face as a mascot. What exactly is Sneak’s celebration for such a fluffy occasion? Well, the team at Sneak challenged their flavour ninjas to come up with a flavour that felt like a Kamehameha for the taste buds. This is what led to the creation of Yuzu & Mandarin, the new flavour that states it blends a tangy yuzu and sweet mandarin combo for a citrusy taste that’ll have you feeling like you’ve just turned Super Saiyan (Sneak sure like their Dragon Ball Z). My hair is still dark brown, so I can confirm that I have not turned Super Saiyan, but I do feel energised after sampling this new flavour. Maybe I should try blasting out beams from my hands? Anyway, let’s get to it.

One thing I do not normally talk about is the actual design of the tub the powder is held in. For the Year of the Bunny the design is different than the standard tubs that were sent to us when we did the big sample flavour review back in March 2023. The first thing that stands out is the lid. It no longer has a design pattern printed on it, instead, now it is a plain colour, orange, which I might add is always the best colour choice, with no pattern and a matte finish. The tub is plastered with an electro-style blast of different shades of orange, an aggressive styling that I am guessing is to fit with the theme of the zestiness. It looks freaking cool and in fact, I have mentioned that I would love that design in a full print t-shirt or hoody; it is so bright and colourful. Speaking of extras, Sneak did throw in some neat little stickers based on the various art and designs for this special occasion, so if that takes your fancy, those can be easily picked up and stuck somewhere where they will show off their anime-inspired design.

On cracking off the lid and ripping off the seal, the scent came rushing out like a group of shoppers waiting at Aldi for them to open the doors to the sale of a certain YouTuber hydration drink that has taken the stores by storm. The smell is pleasant and reminds me of those fromage frais pots I used to eat when I was a kid. It is probably due to the citrus blend of yuzu (lemon) and mandarin (orange) that creates that fromage frais scent. The powder is not orange, in fact, it is more of a creamy white with some off-colour yellow bits. Nothing offensive about the mixture and colour.

As soon as it touches water, that is where the magic happens, as the water becomes tainted with the powder and turns into a neon yellow, a rather electric colour that I was not expecting. I was expecting to see a colour closer to the themes of the tub’s packaging, instead, it is heavily on the side of the yuzu. This is not really a complaint, as I think the bright yellow hue looks fantastic when fully on show in a clear glass. The smell loses that fromage frais creamy scent and switches to a citrus whiff, another nice-smelling drink from the flavour ninjas at Sneak.

The taste hits your sensors as soon as the neon liquid enters your mouth. One thing to note is that it is a refreshing taste and is full of flavour that balances the two fruits after each other. The first thing to hit is the bitterness, a sort of bitter citrus taste that is from the yuzu. This then begins to fade into the mandarin aftertaste, as bitter turns into mild sweetness to finish off with a burst of orange. It took a few sips to truly appreciate the tanginess between the yuzu and mandarin, but there is no doubt this mixture offers a brilliant combination of sour and sweet elements, a good balance, as sometimes I find some citrus mixtures can become overly citrusy when merging citrus fruits together, losing its taste. This is one of the better flavours I have experienced, making this the twelfth variant reviewed after the initial eleven that were in the sample set. If I were to score this based on those others, then this would sit highly, certainly shifting my top five list. A worthy new contender to the throne. I just hope Sneak do not cancel this and keeps it within their collection for years to come, as I can see this being a regular in my shopping basket.

About Sneak Energy Year of the Bunny 2023

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8 out of 10