What Gives?


What gives, Japan? What did we lowly Westerners do to you? Did we offend you in some way?

I am quickly becoming sick and tired with the incredible gulf of time that forces its way inbetween release dates worldwide like the weird person who hangs out with you and your friends, y’know, the one who nobody really likes? No-one knows how they got there but damnit, they’re gonna get in your way anyway.

It all comes down to compatibility issues, apparently. But, seeing as how all of our equipment usually comes from Japanese companies in the first place, why do they deliberately give us different versions of things? Why are our games consoles PAL? Why, for the love of all that is good and holy, can they not simply be a games console, not discriminated like some bad form of racism?! I have a dream… I dream that no gamer should have to sit and wait for half a year just to see their much hyped new release finally become available in their region. I dream that all of my freaking Virtual Console games will work on my damned component cable. Thats right, I currently have 5 VC games that I can’t play without faffing around with the bloody wire. For you figures fans, thats £30 or 4000 Wii Points worth… wasted.

And it’s all because of this personal vendetta Japan has against us Westerners. Giving us inferior equipment. Well, you know what? Screw you Japan! I’ll build my OWN damn TV.

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P.S: Before anyone comes up offering an actual reason why we get different versions of stuff, I don’t want to hear it. Being British, complaining about stuff is the only enjoyment I get, leave me be!

P.P.S: I actually don’t have anything against Japan, or Japanese people. Nor does DarkZero. Or Britain. Or anyone else you think I represent.