What defines ‘Next-Gen’?

Ok, I’m not here to argue about who will win the next-gen war. I think I can safely say that we’ve all done that enough already. In true blog fashion, I’m only here to present my own ridiculous take on stuff.


Wii Vs 360 Vs PS3.

We see it time and time again, but I ask you, what truly makes a console next gen? Superior graphics? New medium? New control method? Or does it have to be something that completely changes the market?

Well, in my opinion, it has to be something completely different. SNES/Megadrive era to N64/PS1 era gave us rumble packs, analogue sticks and 3D graphics. Then to the next generation of PS2 ect, we got little more apart from improved graphics and a superior storage format.

Then to get to this generation, little new improvements. Again. Sony have yet to show us anything new, in their 3 PlayStations and 1 handheld console. They’ve yet to stand up and say ‘Hey! Look at this amazing new take on games that we came up with!’. And that makes me wonder, is the PS3 truly a next gen machine? All it does is show us graphics and processing power that we already knew were possible, and a media centre that if I really wanted, I would’ve bought separately. Games wise, there’s nothing exclusive to make it desirable. Isn’t it really just an updated PS2?

Nintendo are the only company to actually demonstrate a significant change in the gaming industry with the Wii and DS. And thus, I conclude that in this ‘Next-Gen War’ there is only one real competitor, and one real winner; Nintendo.

I’m no fanboy, I play each console frequently, but I can’t escape these ideas that pop into my head whenever I play the 360 and PS3. Unfortunately, they still rake in enough money to keep themselves alive thanks to gamers constantly accepting whatever is pushed their way. Consequently, the industry cannot evolve and is dying. Dying.

Who’s to blame? Not Sony and Microsoft, they’re just taking advantage. Its YOU. The average gamer who doesn’t notice that they’re being given the same old stuff every time.

Now I’ll sit back and wait for the inevitable letter bomb from an angry mob of fanboys.