The Week In Numbers 21st-27th Aug

The Week In Numbers returns for its third edition to the hallowed pages of DarkZero. That’s three edition of The Week In Numbers… Count them.. One…Two…Three… THREE EDITION!! HaHaHa! *thunder*

29. The Xbox360 is finally coming to South Africa on Sept 29th (news link)
3. Three KOEI games coming with free gifts (news link)
2. Two big changes made to Twilight Princess on Wii (news link)
1,200. The amount cash kids made from stolen game (then got caught) (news link)
5. It only took five months for Ubi to release a Instincts Predator patch (news link)
27. Pink DS Lite hitting Euro shores October 27th (news link)
27. Twenty-seven PS3 games to be playable at TGS (news link)
1. One SNK 2D fighter coming to XBLA (news link)
1. One new WOW game coming every year? (news link)
0. The number of people that think Jeff Minter’s new game makes sense (news link)
2. 360 Claasic games introduced with two Rare titles (news link)
6. Six Nintendo themed happy meals coming to McDonalds (news link)
10. A Tenner off a core 360 made official (news link)
6. Six arcade games in Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged (news link)