The Week In Numbers 07th-11th Aug

We some of you don’t have the time to read all our fantastic news day in and day out so we now present you with a quick and handy way of summing up the week goings on without taking to much time from your life. Count von Count approves. HaHaHa!

30. The number of titles confirmed in Sega’s new Mega Drive compilation. (link)
2. The Amount of years it took for Atari to admit Driv3r really did suck. (link)
0. The amount of playable PS3s Sony will be taking to Leipzig. (link)
500,000. The number of European brains that are being trained. (link)
2. The number if games FROMsoftware are no longer making for PS3. (link)
137. The number of songs you can tap your feet to in Saints Row. (link)
0. The price you will pay for F.E.A.R Combat come it’s release. (link)
1,000,000. the amount of money COD2 made from microtransactions. (link)
20,000. The number of copies Starfox Command sold on it first day in Japan. (link)
7,000. The Price in Dollars the Pikachu VW Beetle has reached. (link)