The State of Play 25th-31st Aug

The State of Play has returned for the difficult second album edition. As you may have already noticed this week’s edition has pretty much the same layout as last week but from now on all things are going to change. The changes will (hopefully) make the whole article easier for you, the reader, to sort out all your upcoming games. From now on The State of Play will no longer just focus on one week in games it will encompass the whole upcoming month and what titles it may bring. It will also have a few nice extras which will all be on show in The State of Play: September Edition. Well that’s enough about the future, let’s focus on the myriad of games that will be hitting shelves and servers all over world this week waiting for you to pick them up. Which ones are actually worth it?


Following last week’s less than spectacular offerings, things are starting to look a whole lot brighter over on this side of the water. We may not have escaped that terrible summer drought quite yet but for those with some cash burning a hole in your pocket there are some interesting titles worth considering. The most notable releases this week are Ninety-Nine Nights (360), Madden NFL 07 (on almost all consoles ever created) and Reservoir Dogs (PS2). There are a few other titles out there but let’s talk about the above first.

Easily the most noticeable, and most hyped of this week’s releases is Madden NFL 07, it really does not matter which console or handheld you own as EA seems to have launched the title on EVERTHING that plays games. As we commented last week in the US section of our little article, the launch of Madden in PAL territories pales in comparisons to its US counterpart nevertheless it is highly likely that we will see the title hit the #1 spot in the charts next week.

The next title to have a small chitchat about is Reservoir Dogs. This would be just one of the regular no-name third-person-shooters that are released almost weekly but for the Reservoir Dogs name tacked onto the front of the box. We have not had a chance to give the game a full run through yet but judging by most movie/game tie-ins we are not going to expect much from it. There is also a very good chance of this game dropping in price in the next few weeks so if you are a Reservoir Dogs fans (like me) and you have a bit of patience then there is a good chance you’ll get the game for next to nothing if you wait a while.

The last big game is Ninety-Nine Nights, which is another title that was given its American release only a week before ours. Although there is a considerable amount of hype surrounding this 360 exclusive most of the hype is relatively unfounded. If you ask any US or Japanese gamer what they think of the game not many people will have kind words about the title. There is no denying there is a great sense of defying the odds built into the gameplay but some of the core mechanics of the game are undoubtedly flawed which lead us to believe the game is better off left on the shelf.

Release Rundown

Friday (August 25th)
DS: Garfield 2, Madden NFL 07
PC: Madden NFL 07, Reservoir Dogs, Madden NFL 07
PlayStation2: Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku, GameTrak Real World Golf 2007, Let’s Make a Soccer Team!, Madden NFL 07, Reservoir Dogs
PSP: Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku, Madden NFL 07
Xbox: Madden NFL 07
Xbox 360: Ninety-Nine Nights, Madden NFL 07


This week’s download section is rather bare as the only upcoming game available for download this week is the Xbox live Arcade release of Time Pilot which will enter the Live Marketplace at 400 Microsoft Points. Time Pilot is the XBLA re-release of the famous 1982 arcade game by Konami which was designed by Yoshiki Okamoto. The game challenges players to travel through different time periods, rescuing stranded fellow pilot.

Seeing that the game is being sold at the very cheap price of 400 Points it is in no way going to break the bank for any gamers that decide to download and will no doubt offer some budget price fun for anyone that decides to get it.

Release Rundown

Wednesday (August 30th)
XBLA: Time Pilot

Finally, if any publishers out there are reading this and have a game coming out this week or in the future and you would like it listed feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will add it to our list and maybe say a few words about it.