The Quality of Games

The question of whether the quality of games is declining is one that I have been wondering about for a long time, finding that I haven’t bought a game for a few months and only purchased a small number in the past year or two, I decided to work out if it was just a lack of funds on my part or that I am just not interested in the games that are available. Even though I am learning more and more about computer games from the people here at DarkZero and month after month I see new releases lining the shelves in stores in town and being discussed in forums web-wide, I just don’t feel like paying for any of them.

I only own ten Xbox games and I have had the console for two years now, I have only sold two or three games that I owned in the past for the Xbox. Though looking back through my past game collection I realise that even though I had money to buy them with and the consoles to play them on I never seemed to buy many of the new releases. Indeed when I first got my PlayStation 2 I still went out and bought Final Fantasy VIII and IX, before buying many for the PS2 itself.

Talking about Final Fantasy, I stand by my feelings that the seventh one in the series is still the greatest game ever produced. I don’t feel it gets boring at any point throughout the game or even after countless numbers of hours on it. The newer ones have shown a definite decline in the quality. VIII was alright, a nice story line and characters that didn’t make you want to shoot them. IX is a happy story about a run-away princess that turns into quite a dark tale of torture, betrayal and the search for power. These two were definitely well thought out fantasy lands that aren’t very final since I never actually completed them. Bringing us to the tenth installment of the franchise, and oh dear what a pity, I was waiting for the leap that Final Fantasy would make onto the PlayStation 2 and from the demo I was hooked on the opening sequence with the stunning computer generated images and heavy rock music. While playing it I found that I began to hate the lead character, Tidus, X-2 I will not go into at this point as I don’t think it worthy. Then the decline has so far ended at XI which didn’t hook me as an online game should to get me to pay the monthly subscription costs.

Even with Mega Drive/Genesis games the quality declined after the original, Sonic the Hedgehog was fantastic, Sonic 2 not. Asterix was great, Asterix and the Great Rescue not as much. Looking at the choices for my rant so far you might think that my dislike is just to sequels and maybe you’re right, but this does not explain why I don’t own games that have had really high review scores like Killer 7 and God of War. I just go into the computer game shops in town, see all these popular games, pick them up and have a look then replace them and go and buy lunch and maybe a CD.

Now before any video game companies let loose the dogs of war to come and find me and make me buy these games that for one reason or another I ‘should’ own I would like to say that the next generation may be the saviour of the gaming industry when getting my money to escape the clutches of my wallet. So it looks like the Xbox 360 is a definite purchase, so that’s about £250 (the certain cost I don’t know) out already, then there isn’t much point having the console and not playing anything on it. Perfect Dark Zero looks fantastic so will be bought: bank balance minus another £40. One game will probably keep me occupied for a week or two, but the inevitable will happen and more will need to be purchased. So the run up to Christmas this year will, I’m sure, be a great success for Microsoft and the game developers releasing games for the 360. But will the games be of high standard? I cannot say until I try them out, but it actually looks quite promising.

The only game that I have been playing anything of recently is World of Warcraft, I’m not sure what there is about it but it is very highly addictive. This is a game that has the lifespan of a Final Fantasy game and the graphics of Halo 2, the quests keep you hooked as you want to know what is going to happen next in this constantly evolving world of swords and magical beasts. It is what I look for in a game, it whisks you away to the land of Azeroth and you get totally immersed in it as the hours fly past.

Though there is still the one question I want an answer to; Is the quality declining? The answer I do not know, I think that game span is being sacrificed for high quality graphics and that any story line the game had is suffering because of this, Halo 2 has great graphics but lacks a story that is very gripping which is why I mostly play online. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is another game that I’ve played recently. It has fantastic graphics and the story starts off well but it begins to get a bit repetitive as you move from town to town collecting more money for the operation, having said that it is a good quality game. Others like Fable are great too and then there is the amazing World of Warcraft that I mentioned before, so in my humble opinion I think that there are probably actually more superior quality games but there is also a whole lot more rubbish on the shelves that should be taken away and burned.