The Inside Man

Its 7:30am when I wake up. It’s still dark outside reminiscent of the Xbox 360 launch just over a year ago now… It seems so long ago, but then again I woke up at 5:30am that day. Just like the 360 launch it’s drizzly outside, and regardless I set off and make my way through the rain and dark, through Hanley Park. Choice of attire: dark grey Nike Air Max tracksuit and Nike Air trainers – the perfect asbo dress. Walking through the lovely area I have affectionately called home for the last few years, Muggings and Knife attacks are frequent – every night in fact, but this shall not deter me or dissolve my desire; they’re just minor hurdles.

I’m a bit late getting into the town centre 20 minutes later than I intended. Its 8:37 and GAME opened nearly ten minutes ago, and as I walk through town it just seems to be any other day. Not a huge console launch; just a regular day with people milling about and on the way to work, not one sign of a Wii purchase yet contrary to the Xbox 360 release when it was busy and queues frequent even at 6:15 in the morning.

8:45am I make it to the store, and I guess I spoke too soon!!! Queue is at least 50 strong, but the service behind the till seems brisk!

8:58am in the queue and I’m just 8 people from the front now… for the last 10 minutes I have been speaking to a couple about the Wii console and what launch games to get (he has decided on Red Steel over Zelda… his loss). But there is hope, we share a few quips on the PS3 console as both of us have played it and we discuss Ridge Racer 6.5 (I mean 7) which doesn’t look as good as its 360 older brother. Blu-Ray and its imminent failure… we both agree that HD-DVD seems the better format. Also we speak about component cables, he stresses at the thought that we get composite cables in the box as standard and states that he wont touch his Wii till he gets component cables for his HD TV. He states that every console from now on should have component as standard – he has a point there!! Two from the till!!!

9:01am. Brisk encounter at the till with pleasant service, I go for the Wii console, Zelda TP, Wii play and an Extra Nunchuck Adapter. AJ remarks on how he has played Wii Sports and that its a very good game. As I depart from the store there is now at least a 40 strong queue and increasing rapidly… I guess a lot of people are taking sickies today? It’s now time for me to embark home with my Wii in tow.