E3 2012

The Complete E3 Live Streaming Guide

We provide a list of all the ways, times, and details for watching E3’s live streams, events, and press conferences. This year promises to be incredible, with more developers and publishers streaming live than ever before (including an interview with the director of SNES’s Starfox and executive producer of the new Wii U). This article will be updated as E3 gets closer, so keep checking to see if your favorite company is going to stream live from E3.

Nintendo Conference

For the first time in E3’s history, Nintendo not will only stream it’s E3 presentation, but also two other events that promise more information and previews into the Wii U. One of the events is named “Software Showcase” and will obviously display’s Nintendo’s upcoming titles in action. However, more intriguingly, it promises to give an incredibly thorough look into the workings of how Nintendo’s new controller actually functions.

The second extra event is an interview with Nintendo’s Katsuya Eguchi, a hardware producer who has also served as the director for titles like N64’s Waverace and SNES’s Starfox. Yes, that Starfox. Needless to say, he will undoubtedly be worth any time you might have to watch. You can watch each event through the company’s official website or it’s Facebook page, but also on Spike TV as part of a global audience. The website’s announcement page for the events details the exact specifics:

With rumors of a Metroid/Star Fox mash-up game and new Wii U information promised for this year’s conference, I encourage everyone to make time to watch even just a small portion of Nintendo’s conference and events. It’s going to be quite the event, and who wouldn’t want the chance to listen to the man who’s responsible for quite possibly the most annoying character in gaming?

Microsoft Conference

Microsoft’s streaming availability this year is a little less subdued in terms of quantity, but the company’s has gone all out to ensure that you’ll be able to watch the company’s press conference. For the first time ever, not only will the press conference be streamed live on Spike TV, but you’ll be able to watch it simply by logging into Xbox Live and clicking on your dashboard. That’s right. It’s just that easy. However, beyond that one event, Microsoft hasn’t announced any other streamed events, which is a little disappointing considering the lengths Nintendo has gone this year to connect it’s fan base to E3.

Nonetheless, with Microsoft already having dispelled rumors that we would see a glimpse of the Xbox 720, we can look forward to a conference with details about upcoming titles like Halo 4, which promises to be an interesting departure from Bungie’s legacy now that 343 industries has obtained the IP license. The conference will undoubtedly be entertaining, and we might get a chance to hear from the big man himself again. That’s Bill Gates, for you Mac users.

In the meantime, you can watch Spike’s humorous – painful? – video announcing it’s coverage of Microsoft’s E3 happenings:


Sony Conference

Sony’s E3 live stream offerings are far better than Microsoft this year, and could potentially even pass Nintendo’s ample offerings. Not only will you be able to watch it’s conference live on its official E3 site and through Playstation Home, but the official E3 site hints that you’ll also be privy to Sony’s all day coverage at E3 for the final three days of the event:


If the all day coverage is even remotely similar to last year’s coverage, we can expect a plethora of interviews, game news, and unique insight into the world of E3 that we otherwise would never experience. We know that Sony’s All Stars Battle Royale is finally being revealed in the first day’s press conference, so we can only hope that the other three days (!) of nearly non-stop coverage aren’t just a marketing ploy. However, Sony’s willingness and efforts to increase E3 viewership by offering all day coverage of the event is generous, and I, for one, will be watching quite frequently.

Complete List of Conferences

Here’s a list of all the live streaming conferences of which we’re aware. As I mentioned before, as E3 gets closer, we’ll update this page regularly:

Monday, June 4

Microsoft – 9:30 AM

Electronic Arts – 1:00 PM (still waiting on specifics, though we’ve been promised)

Ubisoft – 3:00 PM (you can watch – at least, partly – this one on Sony’s channel and Spike TV)

Sony – 6:00 PM

Tuesday, June 5

Nintendo – 9:00 AM


Regardless of what side you claim to represent in the so-called console war, this year’s E3 is by far the most technologically accessible for those of us who can’t find a way to travel to Los Angeles in a few weeks. For that, every company who helped make that possible deserves a round of applause.

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