Super Smash Bros. Revolution: The Possibilities Revolution

Super Smash Bros. Revolution – The Possibilities

There was once a point in time that gamers would argue on what character is better than another in the gaming industry. Link could kick Mario from the ring, or Donkey Kong serving an all round beating to everyone. Everything was said, but nothing was done. Then Super Smash Bros. debuted on the Nintendo 64 in 1999 with a hilarious commercial to aid it. Not too many can forget the all-round bash fest ending with Donkey Kong swinging Pikachu into the distance. Fans rushed out to clobber each other using their favourite Nintendo characters. Nintendo’s agenda eventually reached the GameCube and Super Smash Bros. Melee was a featured launch title. This game gave anyone a reason to even consider Nintendo’s latest console with its expanded character and arena list, enhanced graphics, and the many extras including trophies, event matches, special modes, and of course, tournaments supporting up to 64 players all striving to gain that #1 position.

With the release of the next generation of consoles looming on the horizon and Satoru Iwata having hinted to a new Smash Bros., one must wonder what HAL Laboratories may do in this new game to make it unique as SSBM was amazing in nearly every way. I’ll be discussing in detail everything I’ve come to imagine in this game and what could be. To avoid mass confusion, I’ll be referring to the usage on the ‘Cube controller for the most part as we do not yet know the Revolution’s controller functions/layout but I believe it may be quite similar.


There was clearly a drastic change in the amount of characters selectable in Melee (25) from the original (12). I believe we will see a rise in the amount of characters yet again, but not on the magnitude we saw last time (more than double the prior installment). We all know that if HAL wanted to go crazy, they could include every Pokemon and every Nintendo franchise character ever to exist. Hopefully we won’t see something like that as people would take forever in choosing a character and they’d be running off the screen with possibilities. However, without further ado, I’ll be giving a list of characters I think would be fit for the life of brawling (also explaining why they’d be great choices), but might not make the cut.

1. Fierce Deity (Zelda Franchise) – Fierce Deity has only made one appearance in a game, and that lucky contender is Majora’s Mask. While I’d love for Fierce Deity to have his own epic, he’d still make a worthy unlockable in SSBR. Why would we have F.D. when we already have two Links? Simple. F.D. would give HAL Labs the opportunity to improvise and define the character. He’s only ever been in one game, and it’s not as though we’ve seen half of what he’s capable of, so what if he has the ability to summon a wave? “Let it be so!” cry HALs employees as they design the character. Not only does F.D. allow for them to create a character no one knows about, but never before have we seen such a bad-ass as a hero!

2. Majora (Zelda Franchise) – Fierce Deity obviously has some beef with Majora. The man literally strides in wielding his demon of a blade and goes D.K. on it. For reasons explained later, Fierce Deity needs a reason to enter into the fray, and Majora is definitely the way to do this. Majora also happens to be a character we’ve only seen once in a game and I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t love to control it. Those whips for arms, that incredible speed, this villain is just screaming to be added to the fray. Well, why not?

3. Wario (Mario Franchise) – Wario’s character most people may expect to be yet another clone of Mario. However, Wario has had his own moves for quite a while now – his pancake moves, his body slam, his sucking in treasures, they’re all Wario’s own tactics. Of course they’re odd, but we can blame the creators of Wario’s Woods, Wario World, and Wario Land for these tactics. Wario’s bulging waistline can only mean he’s a heavy hitter and I wouldn’t half expect him to eat you and turn you into a pile of his special brown remedy for people that complain too much. I can see Wario carrying traits of Yoshi, Samurai Goroh (below), and of course mainly his own original tactics.

4. Paper Mario (Mario Franchise) – In the case of Paper Mario, I’ve always seen him as more of a Game & Watch type guy. Hammer here, jump attack there, all that good stuff. With Paper Mario, HAL really has something to exercise. He’s paper which means he can fold into different things. Now call me crazy, but if Paper Mario makes the cut, please tell me he won’t be rolling into a tube as his roll, and chances are he’ll become a paper crane at some point in his life. Now think back to when you were all fascinated with origami and everything you wished you were able to fold paper into. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Paper Mario.

5. Captain Olimar (Pikmin Franchise) – Captain Olimar actually made an appearance in SSBM, but sadly only as a trophy. This time around I expect to see this space-faring adventurer kicking some ass and taking some names with some Pikmin to aid him. No doubt they’ll carry traits from the Pikmin games, but I really can’t get the feeling Olimar will go ape and beat his opponents down with the Pikmin.

6. Tingle (Zelda Franchise) – We all knew it’d only be a matter of time before this little fairy wanna-be got ticked off and tossed a can of ink at Luigi’s new overalls. Well, I can definitely see Tingle added to the cast bringing some killer moves with him. I’d expect this guy to be another Game & Watch as he’s nothing to look at and his moves are a joke, but in the right hands, he will be fatal in delivering his blows. This character is yet another character HAL Labs can work with and develop some meaning for.

7. Balloon Fight Guy (Balloon Fight) – Uh oh! You guessed it! The man from Balloon Fight is no longer in the shadows plotting his comeback. This guy’s only ever really had one attack and that was popping his airborne buddies’ balloons. No doubt that HAL Labs would implement a bunch of punching and kicking moves among other tactics such as a brutal beat down with B.F. Guy’s treasured possession: the balloon.. This character would obviously be a lighte weight like Kirby, but I’d expect him to be another Mr. Game & Watch type character – his fighting style alone may be difficult to conquer and may involve being trounced numerous times, and he may not be as intimidating as say Bowser, but can prove to be one of the better characters in the game if used correctly.

8. Petey Piranha (Mario Franchise) – Ever since his debut in Super Mario Sunshine, Petey Piranha has had quite an impact as he’s also taken part in Tennis and Racing. This guy seems to be shaping up to be the next King Boo, and hopefully we’ll see him in SSBR as some of his moves have already been pre-defined in Sunshine, but there is still room for HAL Labs to make some major changes to how this over-grown flytrap goes about dealing with his enemies.

9. Ridley (Metroid Franchise) – Ridley is perhaps one of my favourite villains of the Nintendo universe. Metroid Prime gave this flying beast an entirely new value, and was quite the formidable enemy. We don’t exactly have too many characters from the Metroid franchise, and Ridley is really the only one that would fit on the screen and is important enough to the franchise. Aside from why he should be in it, his attacks and the way he carries them out would be phenomenal. I can’t really put into words about how this character would operate, but rest assured it would involve great jumps, hard hitting, interesting movement (perhaps he’d fly?), and a whole lot of clawing action – pure greatness.

10. Samurai Goroh (F-Zero Franchise) – Like Samus, Captain Falcon really needs a rival to enter the ring and make a difference. F-Zero GX being the only F-Zero game I ever played more than once, Samurai Goroh seems to be the guy that’ll be taking on the Falcon. In his movement, I’d expect this guy to be a heavy hitter, but move incredibly slow compared to Falcon. When I say heavy hitter, I mean Bowser type strength. When this guy throws, perhaps he tosses the opponent into the air and bats them with something big like his F-Zero racer? That may be too much, but if he were to do that, it could injure all other players that are unfortunate to get in the way of his undeniable breach of awesome.

11. King Dedede (Kirby Franchise) – Another hard hitter to be added to the Smash Bros cast, King Dedede has been sitting in the stands long enough. King Dedede would really just be another character only with a hammer. I for one wouldn’t expect this overgrown penguin to be able to jump very high or far at all, but nevertheless would be able to hold his ground very well as a combination between his weight and hard hits take effect.

12. Diddy Kong (DK Franchise) – Diddy was really a character I was hoping for in SSBM but was disappointed in that aspect. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance in SSBR. With Diddy, we’d see a much quicker, nimbler monkey than Donkey Kong. I’d expect Diddy to have higher x/y/up jumps than a usual character because he’s a small, flexible monkey. I can see Diddy being one of the easier characters in the game to use with easier combo attacks and most likely an array of bananas to toss at his newfound foes.

13. Ricky Winterborn or Rob Haywood (1080 Franchise) – I for one think it’d be interesting on how HAL Labs would incorporate generally more realistic characters into the environments the rest belong in. Would they be more stylised, or would everything and everyone else become that much more realistic? Going into their attacks, I doubt either would be too great at jumping, but perhaps a C. Falcon-esque up+B move can be expected? No doubt the snowboard would be the primary form of all attacks save a punch here and a kick there.

14. Isaac (Golden Sun Franchise) – I’d expect Isaac to hold many features held by Marth and Roy but perhaps with some of his own moves thrown in. Being that there are so many moves and so few buttons, perhaps a separate d-pad function (explained later) is required to fit some more in?

15. Krystal (Star Fox Franchise) – Upon first glance, I’d have said a faster, weaker, higher jumper than fox, but that’d be an invincible character as Fox is already very agile and happens to jump very high. What is there to do with Krystal? I say that we ignore the fact Fox used the staff in Starfox Adventures (those who played know what I’m talking about) and let Krystal have it. Pretty much everything about this character’s style would revolve around that staff excluding the odd kick followed by a short staff beating (sorry for the bad pun, but I had to).

16. Daisy (Mario Franchise) – Daisy I can see as more of a clone character of Peach than anything new. That’s all she’d really be unless something drastically new is done with her such as entirely different moves, different jumps, different everything.

17. Toad (Mario Franchise) – Due to misuse and neglect by Peach in SSBM, Toad is taking a stand and is ready to knock some heads around. This speedy little guy probably has some sweet inner power that must be tapped. Does he headbutt? Does he have a high jump? Does he run people down using his Kart? Let’s hope so. Although small, Toad carries a lot of potential mainly because we haven’t seen him in action all that often.

18. Pit (Kid Icarus Franchise) – Pit (Kid Icarus) starred in his own game on the NES. His attacks would probably include the random punch and kick with some arrows thrown in (perhaps as a B, then in a Fox-style throw?). He’d have a mirror shield to deflect attacks, and his up+B would include the Pegasus Wings to enable a far jump.

Now for the characters that could have major improvements. We’ve all seen characters with alternate options in other games, but Zelda/Sheik seemed to be the only one to properly utilize this. Forget the usage of down b, that’s wasting perfectly good attack space. The d-pad is useless in Smash Bros and is only being used to do the fighter stance. My philosophy is that the fighter stance should be kept where it is, but all alternates like Sheik should be assigned to the other directions that are not being used.

1. Mario – In Super Mario Sunshine we saw the introduction of FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device). The device allowed him to rocket upwards, speed along the ground at greater than normal speeds, hover, and soak everything worth soaking. There’s no doubt HAL would use this piece of useful equipment to their advantage, but some people might prefer the older Mario to this new one. There’s always Dr. Mario, but he’s just not Mario. How can this be overcome? Easily! Assign FLUDD to the d-pad and let people use it when they want and for what they want. A perfect example of where FLUDD would be utilized is Mario’s “third jump” or “up-B” move. When normal, Mario does his time-honoured coin jump to jump upwards, but with FLUDD, he’ll have the ability to travel from a farther distance to the edge of the arena with a slight rise in his movement. He’d travel quite slowly, and doing so would leave him vulnerable to an attack that plows the character downwards (eg. Falco Down+A), but he’d have a greater chance at survival as his coin jump wouldn’t quite make it far enough. That’s just Mario’s survival tactics. FLUDD offers so many more combat tactics. Fire glove (across A) not cutting it? Don’t worry, FLUDD’s there to blast you along faster than Captain Falcon can run. While throwing with FLUDD equipped, Mario can toss the enemy and give them a sharp shooting with FLUDD or attach FLUDD to them and let them fly around the stage a little. A final thing to add to Mario that has been neglected far too long is the ground pound. I don’t care how they do it; ground pounding is a must-have.

2. Luigi – In the original Smash Bros., Mario and Luigi were nearly identical. In Melee, they began to differ as each donned their own moves such as Mario’s swinging cape and Luigi’s rocket attack. In SSBR, I expect that we’ll see a much greater difference. Like Mario with FLUDD, Luigi should be able to equip the Poltergust 3000 as a liable part of his arsenal through the usage of the d-pad. Like Mario, he can use it for various reasons, but unlike FLUDD, I can only see it being used for two things – throwing and beating the opponent down (also a use for FLUDD).

3. Young Link – Other than Pichu, Young Link was probably the greatest disappointment of SSBM. He was just a weak Link to me. What was his main purpose in SSBM? Seems his home field was Majora’s Mask themed, so why wasn’t he? With the all powerful d-pad, Young Link could easily become a goron, zora, or deku scrub. To further the explanation, to change back, the same arrow should be pressed to return to our young Hylian hero. The attacks would relate more to the character used than anything. One thing is that this character would be one of the harder ones to use. Deku Scrubs are light and are thrown around easily, yet they can fly for a period of time whereas a goron can roll, and budging a goron is like trying to remove the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time. The downfall to the goron is that they cannot jump. The zora and Young Link are pretty much straightforward fighters with various weaknesses.

4. Link – Hopefully by now, everyone knows that Link is a wolf in the upcoming Zelda game Twilight Princess. If not, now you know. This would be what differs Link from Young Link (Not counting Zora/Goron/Deku Links). They were way too similar in Melee, so the wolf would be a great addition. For a jump, perhaps Midna makes a reach and we control her “hand” with the joystick the same way we’d do it with Falco or Fox. Battlewise, I could care less about how it operates as long as it’s done well.

5. Fox – As Fox’s staff is already being used by Krystal, and Falco’s got Fox’s fighting style perfected (Falco also hasn’t done anything drastic on the ‘Cube), what can Fox do? We’d want him to differ from Falco more than just being weaker/faster, but what has he done? Well he’s really done nothing, but his guns can always be incorporated to be more than a mere throw and laser. Beating people with them, amid kicks, punches, and headbutts will bring attention to Fox’s new fighting style. He’s got to be more loose and differ from his counterpart Falco in more than just one way. He can remain faster and weaker, but this guy’s howling for a new fighting style and it’s about time HAL Labs gave it to him. Just for laughs, he should be able to throw Tricky at an opponent dealing some damage.

6. Ice Climbers – The Ice Climbers are pretty much a perfect character except for one part of this teams’ array of tactics. After Nana goes under, Popo can still fight, but if he’s thrown off, all hell breaks loose if his first jump(s) can’t save his life. All he has is a small little attempt at a jump, and the next thing you know he’s plummeting into the abyss. Now I’m not questioning Popo’s abilities as an Ice Climber, but you’d have thought he’d bring along a rope/grappling hook or something? It doesn’t even need to be a long one – any length can give this poor man hope to stay in the game!

7. Ganondorf – Ganondorf is really one of the better characters in the game whether you agree or not. Although he’s slow, when used effectively he can deliver quite a twisted beating. My only beef with this character is when he goes into Giant mode. In SSBM, we were given an oversized Ganondorf whereas I (and most likely many other gamers) expected him to become the infamous Ganon. True he’d have a slightly different fighting style than his human counterpart, but that’s one reason to avoid the super shrooms now isn’t it?

8. Yoshi – Yoshi has a unique fighting style that was greatly improved upon in SSBM. However, the problem with Yoshi is the fact that when changing colours, Yoshi’s uniqueness has been defaced. He stays the same in how he operates, and nothing changes. Some are supposed to fly, some are supposed to move faster, some are supposed to jump higher, and the real strategy if these were included would be deciding on which to choose because while they all have the same attacks, they’d be using them in very different ways. There are also Black and White Yoshi which were not included in SSBM, and their speciality was to have a more diverse appetite in Yoshi’s Story. Well, as the “food” items are the only forms of food, perhaps there’ll be something that relates to them such as fire and/or explosions not taking so much damage upon them? We’ll let HAL Labs decide. What’s more is that when Yoshi changes colours, his voice changes which is something else we must see in the next instalment of the Smash Bros Franchise.

Story Mode

Story mode is something that can be greatly enhanced. There must be a reason that Mario is fighting Luigi (apart from jealousy) and the Ice Climbers are giving some baby Pokemon the royal beat down. Aside from myself, I’m sure several other avid Smash Bros fans would like to know how this all came about and why they’re all fighting for a third time. Was it because Ganondorf and Bowser decided to create an alliance against the heroes? Were Marth and Roy vacationing in the Mushroom Kingdom only to be struck by one of Peach’s poorly aimed golf balls? There must be a reason and I’d love to know what it is. There could be cut scenes that can be skipped, stages for each character; you know, the goods.

One example that comes to mind is Majora. If Majora is included, like Ganondorf and Bowser, it’s trying to take over the world. Problem is that these three super powers’ plans contrast with the others plans and some resulting tussling occurs. Being villains, talking about it won’t help, so it’s a fight for victory. Your first fight (in this case, Majora) will be to win in an all on all match against Bowser and Ganondorf. You must succeed in winning to advance to the rest of the story. Upon defeating those two, the world is nearly yours but the only thing standing between you and it are the heroes/heroines. The rest, well, I’ll let HAL Labs come up with that one.

I’d like to see some sort of story like this for each character. In SSBM all we really got was a mode in which we could advance through some different stages that supposedly set place in different games. There wasn’t a story at all. We need something to fill the “story” aspect of story mode. For example, at the end of Mario’s story mode to rescue Peach, she slaps him for being too late. Mario, full of testosterone from having just fought to save his love, slaps her back. The final stage is to defeat Peach. Okay, maybe that’s too overboard, but it’s not like HAL Labs is paying me to do this, right?

Vs Mode:

Vs mode is nearly perfect as it is in Smash Bros. The only issue I have encountered with it is the fact that when I want a challenge, the level 9’s stopped cutting it years ago. We all have those fancy tags that are our names when we play, but other than letting us know who’s who, they’re useless. This might seem a little out of the blue, but what if the name, while in use, begins to learn our fighting style? We could always wish for more powerful CPU’s, but why not shoot for the stars and hit everything on the way? Say we use Marth’s counter attack over excessively and the level 9 computers don’t use it at all. The name would learn from that and would create a computer character that mimics the style we play with and would use the counter attack over excessively. One problem you might have already noticed is that with our names in SSBM, we could choose any character. Unless it allows you to choose a character to be “NAME”, and adapts to how “NAME” uses that character, we should have to choose the character “NAME” is designated to and not change it. If it is changed before a battle, the next time it is accessed it is the last chosen character.

One feature this would mainly be used for is the tournament mode. Say you and a friend wish to play a 32 competitor tournament, and level 9’s can be defeated with one hand. You crave something more challenging. Well, why not select the option “include character profiles” as opponents? This would let you fight the computer form of “NAME” with the added challenge. Of course you could always have a go at the real “NAME” online, but if “NAME” is unable to get online, the computer is the best you’ve got. Team tournaments aren’t a bad idea either.

Being able to create custom settings would be a godsend. How many times have you had to set up items, handicaps, characters, stock/time/coins only to lose some valuable gaming time? I know I have. There’s this one game I like to play called “The Beast”. Essentially, one player takes the role of DK (The Beast) on a handicap of 9, and the rest of the players choose whatever characters they like on a handicap of one. The stock is set to 5, and it’s a fight to the death as there is one victor – The Beast or the attackers. Sometimes to spruce things up, a third team is needed (handicap 9 Bowser).

I’ve often found that sometimes equal stock doesn’t cut it in some cases. Perhaps you only want three stock while your opponent has six? Well, this should definitely be an option. Stock match is chosen, then in the character selection area, you’re prompted to choose the amount of stock you’d like to go on with. Afterwards, when everyone’s ready, you hit start, choose the stage, and have some mismatched mayhem!

In addition to the stock counter, we could always do with the settings even more lopsided by choosing the ability to change our character’s size. Say we have a scale of one through ten where 10 is the giant and 1 is the ant. Not only would this bring in more battle options, but it’d bring in an entirely new challenge to games like “The Beast”.

General attacks in SSBM are fairly fine. Chargeable smash, special attacks, throws, they’re all good. I especially like how we’re able to catch an item. One tactic I wouldn’t mind is being able to attack mid-roll. Just a quick tap of the ‘A’ button when we’re rolling and the character delivers a blow. Upon second thought, throws could open up so much more. The idea sparked my mind while hauling my opponent around with DK. Why can’t all characters do this? Some may be too weak (Pichu), but come on, I want to have the chance to hold my opponent by the neck and beat down the others with them! Afterwards, I can just throw them off the edge or something. One way this would be useful is being able to leap over a hole and throwing your opponent down into it. Sure the tactic is all too cheap, but they shouldn’t have let me catch them in the first place should they?


Items; you love them or you hate them. Items can usually make all the difference while playing a versus match and you’re a KO behind. Whether the item is a heart while you’re at 500% damage or a bob-omb that destroys the opponent thus confirming your victory, the item will normally help you – unless your opponent snags it first, that is. The current SSBM item list is very well put together, but there are some handy goodies that could be added to only further enhance your chances of winning.

Banana – Mines have been around since the beginning of Smash Bros., and I was very surprised the banana did not make the cut for SSBM. Placed much like a mine, instead of blowing you up this baby knocks you down open for an all out assault, and perhaps dealing some damage itself.

Golden Shroom – This Mushroom Kingdom masterpiece was inspired by Mario Kart‘s Toad/Toadette special item. In that game it allowed the duo to boost forwards in their kart knocking back anyone they manage to hit on their rampage. In SSBR, this item would be used very similarly only without the kart. The character would boost forward a given distance, and would have only so many boosts before the item becomes useless like a fireflower.

Random Change – This is a bit more farfetched, but in Smash Bros. what isn’t? This item automatically changes the person that touches it into another character for about 30 seconds. This would force the player to be able to play well with as many characters in SSBR as possible in addition to the one character they tend to prefer to use. Sure this may be more of a just-for-fun item where you have the settings at “very high” and turn all other items off, but it’s still worthy right?


Everyone at one point has probablyt as they play through a target stage “Wow, I wish this stage was playable.” I agree, and they should be because having those stages merely there for the sake of a target test seems like a waste seeing as they are so well designed and although they’re built solely for a certain character, most other characters should be able to access most parts, no? Talking about playable stages, we should have an entire back catalogue (that’s what the Revolution’s partly about isn’t it?) of stages from SSB and SSBM to choose from so we’re no longer saying “well if this was on [insert stage name] in SSBM, I’d be winning.” The few stages put in SSBM from SSB were alright, but when I wanted to play Hyrule, I was left grumbling as I connected my Nintendo 64. Less of a hassle, more stages, more fun, let’s get to it HAL.

There are three things that I really missed from SSB in SSBM. Firstly was the tornado from Hyrule. Although annoying at times, it was built in horrors like this that kept the tension going as you never knew if it’d swerve out of the way, hold its ground and pick you up, or disappear completely as you land where it was supposed to be. Secondly is the chamber on the Pokemon stage where you’d be fighting and the Pokemon would jump out at you and attack (or in the case of Chansey, give you some items). Thirdly is my favourite of all and perhaps one of Nintendo’s most recognized objects. The warp pipes that inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom must return in the third instalment as they can be used strategically, cowardly, or not at all, they’re ever so fun.

The stages we have now are very well done but mainly seem to be the same three platforms with some minor changes such as the platforms moving. All in all, that’s not an entirely bad idea, but it hasn’t been implemented to its full extent yet. We’ve seen brutally effective ones such as Pokefloats and Big Blue, but what if we were to have a stage that involved platforms moving in every which way? What if they disappeared after ten seconds of constant usage and another took its place somewhere else on the screen after it diminished? The feat would be more challenging than simply knocking your opponent off Final Destination. No, it would take skill to leap from platform to platform with a foe pressing on you. This probably sounds much like Big Blue with its speedy cars and other various objects, but what if these platforms were to suddenly speed up? What if they suddenly drop beneath another platform thus knocking you off? What will save you then? Another platform? Doubtfully. Of course that obstacle can easily be overcome by jumping in time perhaps through the platform, but if you’re too late, you’re done.

Canons – We’ve all had the liberty of running back and forth across levels, perhaps turning around to hit an enemy or jumping off the edge only to deal a hefty uppercut to our formidable foe, but something new is needed. We can only throw and pound our enemies so much until we crave harder hits. Well, our questions have a possible answer! The canon will sit in a stationary position on the field. The player can somehow access them – whether it’s automatic or not HAL Labs can decide – and has a certain amount of time to fire off in the direction they wish which could be higher onto the stage, straight into their foe, or even to snag an item that’s dropping to the field. This is much like the DK barrel, but I suspect it’d be more powerful. Of course these wouldn’t be on every stage, but if we were to have something themed like a Bullet Bill park where random bullet bills tear across the field, something like this had better be included.

Some possible stages that include new elements into the gameplay:

Delusion – Upon first glance, this is no doubt the coward’s way out of a fair match, but upon a closer look, there’s method in this madness. In the below image, there is a stage with a teleporter sitting above the main level, and a second near the bottom of the level and is pretty much a contract confirming a KO for all those that trespass save a small platform protruding from the foot of it so that one character can stand there (in Bowser’s case – well, Bowser will be one stock less). Teleporter #2 (the one on the bottom) can be accessed by dropping down and jumping onto the small platform or back into it after emerging. The main level has a hole in it for added complexity, and if you fall inside, your options are to try and get back inside, to aim high and far to reach an outer platform, or to fall into the abyss to your certain demise.

Destruction – I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t enjoy destroying things. It brings out that awkward feeling where you know you’re doing something totally naughty and you’re getting away with it. With “Destruction” (poorly named – I know) you can abolish the guilt and let the urge to smash your opponent into the nearest set of bricks take control. Of course you could just take a monster of a character like Ganondorf or Bowser and rip the place – er…crush, rather – apart, but there’d be so much more to do. A high jumping character like Falco or Mr. Game & Watch could create a little bunker up top, attack from above, and then retreat. Cowardly, yet effective, this tactic would in most cases not last too long as bricks respawn and the opponent will catch on eventually. In the diagram below, there’s 5 open spaces surrounded by bricks. The characters spawn in each of the four, and whenever one dies, they spawn at the top. It’s impossible to smash someone out the top, but there are some holes at the bottom to be wary of as you reach the 900% damage point.

F-Zero Junk Shop – The F-Zero junkshop is essentially a field without any holes in it (much like the Game & Watch field in SSBM) and has various things to jump on. The wild part, you ask? There are parts lying about that can be thrown as items and can be used to hit other players with. Only to spoof things up a little more, the parts will explode randomly as the match progresses. Of course they’d respawn at one point (maybe this one can have a given time limit), but having to avoid them while coutering your opponents assault will be quite the challenge. We’ve never had a fully destructible environment and frankly it’s about time we had one. The parts can be lifted, stacked, tossed, and the best part – you can stand on them. These are the items you cannot walk through, so you either pick it up and dispose of it elsewhere, or you jump over it.

All in all, we can expect SSBR to be a fine installment to the SSB franchise and to open up many more doors than its predecessors have. Of course not everything above will be in the game, but hopefully HAL will have people that think alike, take mere speculation like this from gamers, find out what works, and make miracles as they’ve done in the past. Being one of Satoru Iwata’s creations, we can be sure this game won’t be a failure, a mediorce title, or anything other than eye-popping brilliant.