Staff Discussion: Favourite Developer

With today’s high production costs and super development houses, there is less and less room for smaller development houses. Nevertheless, we are treated to titles from both that are of both high quality and poor offerings. So, who are our favourite developers?

My favourite developer is;

Intelligent Systems.
What they can do with a genre, is move it on to another level.
Whether it’s a platform, RPG or strategy they don’t care, they’ll make it work. I can’t think of one really bad game from them at all. They also seem to have a bunch of guys with a sense of humour.

I’m not sure who the ‘best’ developer would be. Sentry studios gave me Infiltration, a modification for Unreal Tournament (1999) that I still play. Microsoft studios gave me Close Combat 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (installed 3 again the other day). Nintendo gave me Mario Kart: DD that will never bore me. Then there is Sega and Namco. Silicon Knights is responsible for my single greatest single player experience ever, Eternal Darkness, that was only surpassed by Capcom’s Resident evil 4.

Obviously I can’t say which developer is the best judging on the amount of excellent games they have given me. So I’ll give my props to the developer that gave me something no other developer has ever given me: Nintendo. Nintendo is my favourite developer because they showed me that a game can make me feel all warm and fuzzy from the inside only by the way a game looks, feels and sounds. There are so many excellent developers out there and I sure don’t want to cut them short on the amount of respect I have for them. But Nintendo was the first that showed me how happy a game can really make you. It totally changed the way I looked at video games all together.

Volition also deserves a special mentioning for Free Space and Free Space 2 which both had both excellent storyline and gameplay. I know I’ve forgotten a great many different amounts of excellent game developers but these are the ones that I can think of right now.

Again, there are so many great developers out there. But in my case there is only one favourite, closely followed by alot of others with the same potential.

Ahem. My favourite developer is, without doubt, Nintendo. The primary reason is because of The Legend of Zelda. I love action adventure games, and in my opinion, the majority that are out there are Zelda rip offs *cough* Fable *cough*. But there are many good offerings, such as Prince of Persia, Beyond Good and Evil and Star Fox Adventures.

I’m also interested in what Nintendo have to offer with Nintendogs. Can’t wait to play it.

Of commendation, Square-Enix, for the Final Fantasy series.

Favorite: Bioware

Bioware has never let me down. From Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 to Jade Empire, everything they have done has been successful. You can’t go wrong with the best RPG Developer the past 5 years.

It’d have to be Nintendo. They have made so many amazing genre defining games it’s ridiculous. Mario 64 and Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time are both such brilliant and replayable games even in this day and age.

Dwarf boy?
Context sensitive button?
One of the best games in existence where you have to save Hyrule from a power mad Ganondorf?

I’m probably going to have to say Square-Enix, however they have let me down as of late with recent Final Fantasy games that really haven’t done the rest of the series much justice and to be perfectly honest the games are quite boring. The ‘Advent Children’ movie is bringing my hopes up again, but I just want to see it soon.

Other than that I’m not sure I have a specific developer that I like.

Nintendo. Sorry that my inner fanboy is showing, but they really deserve the number one spot. Zelda Ocarina, Wind Waker, Mario 64, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, all are games that havent been matched in terms of pure quality and love and attention.

This is a difficiult choice to make. I considered Westwood (Command & Conquer series), Cavedog (Total Annihilation), Lucas Arts (Monkey Island) and Rare (GoldenEye, Diddy Kong Racing). But in the end it could be none other than the late Sensible Software, who brought us the great Sensible Soccer series and Cannon Fodder back in the days of the Amiga 500. Not to mention the special edition ‘Unsensible Soccer’ featuring fruit instead of players, banana skins on the floor and pears in goal. Oh and I nearly forgot about the free Xmas edition of ‘Cannon Soccer’ the quite mad combination of soccer and war. I still remember taking cover in the goal net from those helicopters..

Sensible Soccer remains one of the most satisfying gameplay experiences to date, even today. The introduction of the Sensible World of Soccer games added the abilitity to both play as, and manage your team; something still not implemented as well in any game since. I’d even argue that the management aspects superceed the current Championship Manager series. The graphics gave a perfect view of the action and the ability to save your goals and customise teams made the game last year after year. Even now, with the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer 4, I feel Sensible Soccer still holds the #1 footballing crown.

I really find it hard to choose, much as | love Nintendo, they really haven’t done anything this generation noteworthy, so they’re out..
I’d have to say Sega, mainly because of REZ, but they’ve been in charge of other games like the virtua tennis series that’s made them noteworthy.

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to choose a favourite developer until I actually began to think about it. Developers have brought me everything I could ever want in the gaming industry. Intelligent systems has brought me one of my favourite franchises; Paper Mario. They combined witty remarks with a AAA storyline and battlesystem and created a masterpiece.

Then there’s Bungie. They gripped my attention with the Halo 2 franchise and have been nourturing it each time I play. It’s a great experience to frag your friends in a multiplayer game.

Then HAL Laboratories has always been my go-to-fighter. Super Smash Bros Melee has truly been one of my favourite games this generation, and it still doesn’t get old.

Sega was always the answer to boredom at my nana’s. Sonic would keep me occupied for hours on end and Sega continues to amaze me as they did before with great gaming experiences. Sure there’s others that have amazed me with their works.

Namco, Retro Studios, Rare, yes, they’re all examples of amazing developers, but perhaps the developer that has kept me wanting more since I first layed hands on that controller years ago is Nintendo. Nintendo have kept me playing their games since the days of the NES which I would play with my grandparents. They’ve innovated, they’ve created, and they’re intrigued. Mario and Zelda are not only two of my favourite franchises, they are examples and goal setters for other developers. Nintendo has done well with software, and hopefully I can enjoy it for many years to come.

For me it would have to be Ubisoft, and why? Because Ubisoft has made my favourite game series of all time – Splinter Cell