Spring Update

Hello! This month has seen numerous changes to the DarkZero website. A new logo, redesigned gamewall, improved presentation of news and reviews, a new 1-10 scoring system, and most importantly a really easy to use commenting system so you can voice your opinion on all of our content. Oh, and the introduction of the staff blog! We’ve not quite finished the improvements, with the forum in particular needing an update, and further refinements will be made over the course of the year.

v4.jpg (old) DarkZero v5 (new)

You no longer have to register to comment on news and reviews, and once you’ve made a post your name and email will be remembered. Comments can also be personalised using Gravatars (Globally recognised avatars). This means an image will appear next to your message if your email address is hooked up to a gravatar account.

On a personal note, this month has seen me finally take the plunge and pick up a Nintendo DS! For me portable gaming has always taken a back seat to consoles and PC but so far it’s really great fun. It was a tough decision to choose between the DS and PSP, particularly as movie support would be great, but in the end the improved battery life, speedier load times and touch screen were the deciding factors. Mario Kart also had something to do with it.

As a big fan of Command & Conquer the big release on Friday was Kane’s Wrath, the expansion pack for Tiberium Wars. Needing no persuasion I undertook the challenge of completing it right away! Thoughts on the game in the Kane’s Wrath review.