Space pirates, anyone?

pirate princessNothing’s been announced kids, so don’t get TOO excited – but indie sci-fi gurus Moonpod appear to have a dash of pirate artwork adorning their Facebook profile, which suggests their next project might be approximately 3.5X more exciting than analysts could have hoped to predict…

In case you’re not familiar with their previous games, check out our reviews of Mr. Robot (which is recently become available to play for free on Gametap) and Starscape, both of which have an outstanding amount of charming polish, much like the majority of Britain’s catering industry. Anyone who’s played either of these cracking indie games and the recent version of Sid Meier’s ‘Pirates!’ will already know that this could potentially be more addictive than smack-laced World of Warcraft…

I myself spent almost a week chain-smoking in my underpants, absolutely fixated as Mr. Robot happily leaped and hacked his way through the game’s wonderfully realized world, whereas my co-writer Sean recently spent days on end waging war against the Dutch over the seven seas for no reason other than to try and woo a Spanish princess. Upon his triumphant return to ask for her hand in marriage she had predictably been kidnapped. Women, eh?

So watch this space – before too long there’s every possibility I might be launching a fleet through space to drop my devastating payload on Holland, brandishing only a pouch of Golden Virginia as I proudly stand at the helm, inadvisably adorning a pair of polka-dot boxer shorts. All for the love of a dutch space-princess my friends, all for the love of a dutch space-princess.