Q&A #3 – 11th November 2005

Welcome to the third session of DarkZero.co.uk’s Q&A. As we’re approaching the Xbox 360 launch, there are a fair few questions regarding the platform. This makes a change from questions regarding how the revolution will work, lol.

Anyway, enjoy, and as always, keep your questions coming in to me at [email protected].

Q. I don’t like the look of the main character in Mass Effect, the new Bioware title for the Xbox 360. Is it true there is a character creation system?Stuart, 22

A. Yeah, the main character for Mass Effect is customisable like it was in Knights of the Old Republic.

Q. I saw in the forum you have a White Nintendo DS? How did you get that?James, 17

A. I actually imported it from Japan using play-asia.com, at a considerable price hike. They are not on general release in the UK at present. You have the choice between the light blue/pink or silver. You might consider the high prices on eBay if you are really desperate.

Q. What are the Xbox360 launch games? I don’t know what to preorder yet as I don’t know what the hell is coming out!Lisa, 19

A. At the moment the list is still very much up in arms, with only Kameo, Gun, Tony Hawk and Amped 3 being confirmed for the US release. With such a global launch it must be said that there are a few close calls expected, so don’t expect a final list until next week im afraid.

Q. Why are MS not advertising the 360 on TV? I have seen a few print ads but nothing on TV yet! What up wit that!?!Shane, 21

A. Expect TV ads to appear in full force on launch week when conversation is ripe about the console. There is no point advertising at the moment, due to the fact that everybody who will be able to actually buy one before Christmas has to have already pre-ordered the system.

Q. Why the hell did your site give Pro Evo 5 such a low score!?! I am angry! Don’t make me hurt you!!Thomas, 21

A. I believe that the review speaks for itself.

Q. If I plug my iPod into my 360 will it put the songs onto the 360 hard drive for use with Custom Soundtracks?Paul, 25

A. No, it simply streams the music onto the harddrive, and will not play tracks downloaded from the iTunes music store.

Q. Oblivon is delayed!?! Please tell me this is a clever lie!! It cannot be true!Jim, 17

A. Unfortunately it is true, such a massive game takes time to sort out all the bugs, I’m afraid. Expect to see it in Q1 2006, so not too long to wait thankfully.

Q. Im worried that if I decide to get 360 there will be none available on launch. When shall I expect to see more instore?Chris, 21

A. There are deliveries planned every week up until Christmas to satisfy pre-orders, thereafter you should be able to find one in the store without a pre-order.

Q. Will we see such a dramatic price drop in the 360 like on the old Xbox? I paid a lot of money for that on launch and I was gutted when it went down in price after a month or so it seemed.Dan, 20

A. If you were gutted last time, then I would not risk it this time. Consoles drop rapidly in price after a period of time. It’s a tactical move made by the company and all console producers do it. Your best bet to save a few bucks on the 360 is wait until the ps3 is launched, as the price is expected to dramatically fall at that point.

Q. I like to mod my Xbox. What modding opportunities do you think will be available for the Xbox 360? Also how much will the face plates cost?Patrick, 25

A. Well to be honest I hope there are not any modding opportunities for the xbox 360, as it is evident even today that modders ruin the Xbox Live experience for everybody else.

As for faceplates, I believe they are supposed to retail for around £14, though expect that price to drop with 3rd party faceplates.

Q. I agree with the Pro Evo score being lower than the previous incarnation, as this is slowly, but surely, being reflected in many reviews. But any news on the 360 version of Pro Evo?Jimmy, 18

A. The only information available is that it will be released at the end of 2006, and will have online play and better graphics. Which is rather stating the obvious unfortunately.

Q. Can I use the Nintendo dongle thing to make a wireless network of computers in my house?James, 27

A. No, the Nintendo USB dongle, only works with Nintendo Products.

Q. will Microsoft release an Xbox 360 with high definition DVD player next year? Would that affect gaming?John, 16

A. It is always possible, though nothing has been confirmed other than the fact that there is no way it would affect gaming.

Q. Do I have to buy 4 joypads for the 360 or will the original Xbox ones be compatible?Ben, 22

A. The official line is that you will have to buy 4 new joypads, however a third party usb connector may be released allowing you to plug in your existing controllers. Nothing is confirmed as of yet however, so I would get saving.

Q. Will I be able to use my Revolution controller with my sky box as well?Nathaniel, 39

A. Not unless some kind of alliance between sky and Nintendo comes about, which at the moment is unlikely. There may be a third party controller that combines both however.

Q. Will EA be using their own servers again for 360 games on Live, and if so, will they be improving the service?John, 30

A. Given the fuss EA put up over having control of its own servers, with regards to the First Generation Xbox, I see it as unlikely that their position will change, regardless of the complaints the EA servers have received.