Q&A #2 – 18th October, 2005

Welcome to another Q&A session! A lot of questions were put to me about the Nintendo Revolution as I expected, largely due to the lack of detail the company has actually released on how it will work. Until I have more information, I have done some research into the questions at hand, and have come up with what I consider to be the closest idea of what to expect.

As always your comments are welcomed. Sorry about the delay in getting this session published, the next deadline for questions is 1st November 2005. Please send any you may have to [email protected].

1. Chris, 40:
Q. Hey guys, I have a question. I know the Rev controller will be working in 3D, as in X, Y and Z. But any chance yaw-ing will work as well? Or would you have to turn the controller side-ways for it to work? I’m asking because I’m a big fan of flight sims, and this is essential for the controls.

A. It is difficult to say without Nintendo releasing more information. As far as I can find (and I consulted others, more in the ‘know’ than myself) there will be no specific yawing action. Developers will have to invent their own way if they want to make a flight simulator. From what I have been told, there is a way to do this using 3D space.

But to be honest, Nintendo have produced the Revolution controller to make games more simple and accessible. Therefore the chances of a complex flight simulator appearing on the system are somewhat minimal.

2. Roger, 31:
Q: How does the Xbox 360 compare in terms of hardware power with today’s high end PC-systems?

A. Firstly it is worth mentioning that most home PCs these days still only use one processor. The Xbox 360 has 3 Processors that run in parallel. Once all developers have worked out how to involve all the hardware in their games (generally they are only using one processor at the moment) then it would be expected that the machine will be about three times as fast. Obviously there is a fuller explanation, but in simple terms this is what could be expected.

3. Frank: 22
[b]Q: When is the film Final Fantasy: Advent Children releasing in the UK?
A. I don’t think anything has been officially announced as of yet, however several sites are claiming it will be released in February 2006.

4. Stuart, 22:
Q: Is Fable: The Lost Chapters coming to Xbox or Xbox 360

A. It is due for release on the original Xbox in Q1 2006 in the US, expect to see it released in the UK shortly after. There is a new Fable rumored to be in production for the Xbox 360 and the biggest rumor is that it is set in the Future this time.

5. Nicky, 14:
Q: I’m worried that I won’t be able to play the Revolution as I live in a small room and I won’t be able to dance about. Is this going to be a problem?

A. I would have expected Nintendo to have compensated for this, or it would be a major design flaw. Perhaps you can increase control or movement sensitivity.

6. John, 24:
Q. How will the Revolution play DVDs and GameCube discs; aren’t they different sizes?

A. The disc spinner will undoubatbly hold it in place, like the GameCube’s disc spinner. Try holding your GameCube upside down when a game’s playing (at your own risk of course 😉 )

7. Jason, 22:
Q. I have been looking forward to the upcoming 24 game, will it last me 24 hours?

A. It depends on how good/bad at the game you are.

8. Snoop, 30:
[b]Q. I want to buy a HDTV for the 360 that I am going to buy in December. Are them Samsung ones Microsoft’s a pimpin’ any good?
A. It’s the TV that Microsoft themselves endorse and will be the TV used for all the Xbox 360 Demo Pods rolling out around the country near you soon.

9. Bruce, 17:
[b]Q. You rule Delta how can I hope to be as cool as you some day.
A. Do your homework, exercise and eat your vegetables like your mamma tells ya, and someday perhaps you will become a man!

10. Jake, 10:
Q. I want to buy a Playstation 3 but I don’t think I have enough. How much will it cost?

A. Rumor has it the BlueRay drive included is going to be a big cost factor. I would expect it to launch for around £300-£400 but anything more will be pricing it out of the market.

11. Donna, 22:
Q. I want a white PSP but I don’t know if it is coming out here. Any idea if and when this will happen?

A. At the moment it is only available in Japan, and you can always import (will cost less than actually buying it over here if it eventually releases). As soon as the news breaks of a UK release, then DarkZero will be the first to report it so keep your eyes peeled.