Q&A #1 – 20th September 2005

Welcome to the first in a new section to Darkzero.co.uk; The Question and Answers page.

Every fortnight I will take all the questions I have been e-mailed and answer them to the best of my ability. No question is too tough, and none to obscure, so if you cant find the answer to a question that is leaving a gap in your knowledge, then let me tackle it.

Feel free to email me at [email protected], and I guarantee you will appear in the next Q&A. Any comments or suggestions will also be clearly noted.

Q. Hi, I’m asking a question for my younger brother, he is 8 years old. Basically, I wonder which games you would recommend for somebody his age. All we have is a ps2 by the way. Thanks!Daniel, 15

A. When choosing a game it is always beneficial to know the player’s interests and ability. The PS2 has a wide selection of games for all interests and abilities, so for the average 8 year old, I make the following suggestions.

Crash Bandicoot: not the best platform game out but definitely popular with that age group. Check out the kart racing game under crashes name also. Sonic Mega Collection: the games I played when I was 8 years old.

Those two are bright colourful and can be enjoyed by all ages as they are not too complex. Always remember to check out the age rating on the back of the box to ensure if a game is suitable for an 8 year old or not.

Q. Where are the Cube Cheats? Nintendo RULLLESSS!Jonesy, 14

A. We don’t stock cheats on our site, there is a extensive list of cheats and guides available at www.gamefaqs.com for all your cheating needs.

Q. All this talk of girl gamers is getting on my nerves, in my opinion girl games should be equal to boy gamer. Being a gamer need no extra skill and both can have equal skill even if you male or female. Even after all this girl gamers are still looked down on in this day and age, it has to stop!Amanda, 18

A. That’s not really a question, more of a statement. But to make a comment on your idea, girl gaming is improving all the time. Granted its aimed at the mainstream with titles such as Singstar Popworld, but online teams such as FragGirls, are promoting that games just aren’t for guys only any more.

Q. What is the Nintendo Revolution controller?Al Frazer, 19

A. Well in basic terms it’s like a T.V remote, which tracks your movements in a 3D Space, while only being held in one hand. There are numerous attachments coming out for it that we have yet to see however.

For a full report of what has already been seen follow
this link.

Q. Is it worth buying Nintendogs if we already own a real dog?Billy, 22

A. It will never be as good as the real thing, but Nintendogs is still a good laugh. Just don’t neglect your real dog!

Q. Mah mumma says that PlayStation 3 hoot’n’nanny is the Devil. Is this true or is possessed by Jaysus. Billy-Bob Thornton, 38

A. Um, you have stumped me on that one sorry!

Q. When is Pro Evo 5 going to be released? There seems to be different dates listed on shopping sites.Ben, 23

A. As always release dates are subject to change. Numerous main retailers are stating 21st October 2005, so I would expect it on that date, or at the very least by the end of October.

Q. Is it true that the Xbox 360 isn’t going to be released until December in the UK?Greg, 24

A. Both Xbox 360 packages are being released 2nd December 2005. The problem is most stores have stopped taking pre-orders due to high demand, so if you have not pre ordered yet, don’t expect to get one until 2006.

Q. I remember Nintendo saying that the Revolution would play DVD’s but now after seeing the “remote” it looks like it only has a few buttons. Will Nintendo release another remote to go with the rev for DVD’s or will I have to play, rewind, fast-forward and select stuff on my DVD’s by using “real 3D space”Thomas, 21

A. At the moment Nintendo has not released any information, other than it will play DVDs. From pure speculation, it has been hinted that the original control method used to play games will also find its way into media playback.

Q. Is the Next Gen Sonic the Hedgehog game exclusive to Xbox 360?Adam, 23

A. At the moment it is also confirmed to make an appearance on the PS3. No Nintendo announcement has been made yet, but given the history of previous Sonic games, a Nintendo appearance cannot be ruled out.

That’s it for this edition folks. Deadline for receiving the next load of questions is 4nth October 2005. Thanks to everybody that submitted a question and if you disagree with an answer (I am only human after all!) then please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.