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Preview – Mail Time [Demo] PC

For a couple of years now the thematic indie-centric niche of ‘wholesome’ games has been growing rapidly. With a constant stream of releases across all genres and many events celebrating the warmth and charm of these strange little titles, it’s clear that more and more people are looking to games once again as a release from their stressful lives instead of a second job full of battle-pass grinds and endless competition. Mail Time, an upcoming 3D platformer, perfectly embodies this evolving motif with a bouncy and colourful world, wonderful models that look like they’ve popped out of a claymation movie, and all sorts of silly welcoming characters. 

Although the demo is rather short, it easily makes its point – you are a newbie mail scout whose job is to pick up and deliver letters and packages to the charming citizens of this cute miniature forest. And in doing so interacting with and learning about the friendly creatures and their connections to one another. Whether you’re helping with a love letter or passing along a gift, the delivery is just a hop, skip, and a jump-glide away. But that’s where it loses me a little, personally. The absence of platforming challenges or any sort of obstacles may be exactly what the folks that are going to click with this one need: a lovely little place to just exist in for a while, but I need that little push. Even with an easy game, I want to at least be doing something as I wander around. Jumping across pits and climbing towers are an essential part of platforming for me and so without it the experience seems a bit hollow, but here’s hoping that as the levels progress there’ll be more to do within each new location because man what a pretty game it is. As wholesome as it is light, Mail Time is like a soothing cup of tea for the soul.